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seems I got hooked…… at 4 a.m… There will be a radio show that you can watch..,, coming soon
Yo, reporters! go and write an article about it!!

2013. 4. 26. 4:04 a.m.
VerbalJint: I’m gonna be the D.J..lol.. KBS..lol..;D
AP JKS : Really?! Then I will be your first guest!
VerbalJint: LOL…XD
VerbalJint: Seriously..you have to!!
Ap JKS : When? Where? What time?
VerbalJint: Maybe..beginning of May..
AP JKS : What are you doing now? lol
VerbalJint: I’m drinking Soju and Beer.. at a cart bar.. around HongDae..
AP JKS : I just came back from Itaewon after talking my head off…
Let’s get together and have a drink -.-
I was surprised to find out that you were featured on Cho Youngpil’s new album.
VerbalJint: Yeah..I did it because I really respect him.

새벽네시에 낚인건가봉가…
보이는 라디오 라는데…
기대하시오 ㅋㅋㅋ
기자님들하 기사 고고

VerbalJint’s Pops Pops
KBS 2FM (Mon-Sun) 11:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m
RF 89.1 MHz (Seoul/Kyonggi) Local
PD : Kim Hyung Ju / Script Writer : Kang Hae Jeong, etc.
Special guest!!!! Asia Prince!!!

버벌진트의 팝스 팝스
KBS 2FM (월~일) 오전 11:00~12:00
주파수89.1MHz(서울/경기) 지역별
PD 김형주 작가 강혜정 등
Special guest!!!! Asia Prince!!!

Thinking about how to tease VerbalJint: for an hour…
-. Be mean (Be evil). Tease the audience..
-. Be friends with the lady working at the cafeteria.
-. Invite only your friends as guests
-. Give up the audience rating
-. Telling why I had come – revealing the text messages
-. The secret of being a DJ for a long time
-. Hazing for VerbalJint
-. having him sing live

버벌진트 한시간동안 괴롭힐 방법 연구중..

On my way to the studio, the eels said….
Don’t cause any problems~~~~
What the pig (heck!!!}

스튜디오로 들어오는데 장어들이 말했다…
뭐 이런 돼지같은..

Going to Han Yang University today, and it’s been a while since I wore my suit.
It looks like I just tumbled out of bed….

오늘은 간만에 수트를 입고 한양대 고고
얼굴 잠 아직 안 깨고…

Awarded a scholarship and took my school’s mascot doll..lol..
So cute~~~

장학금 수여하고 우리학교 마스코트 뱃어왔음 ㅋㅋ 귀여워~~~

You’re awesome, JANG KEUN SUK!!!
대 다 나 다 장 근 석!!!

About my piggy, Zzing, I sent him to a factory so as to make a sample of him.
참고로 돼지생키 찡군은 샘플 제작으로 새끼가기 위하여 공장에 들어가 있는 상태…

Friday night, teaching how to play the piano to the kids bought at Hansatoy….
miss my piggy… how’s it going?

금요일 밤.. 한사토이에서 구입한 아이들에게 피아노 가르키는둥… 안보이니 보고싶은 돼지생키… 잘 지내는가…

He’s trying to break the piano!!! Are you out of your mind???!!!
이 생키는 피아노 부시려 그러네!!!!!!!
이거이 미쳣나!!!

Friday night, playing alone with my doggy doll.
Miss my mom (sob)

금요일 밤에 혼자서 인형놀이…
엄마 보고싶다 ㅠ

Got together for Parents Day at Prime’s 369…
I’m a good son to my mom… but……
My dad is drunk,.. can’t reach him…

어버이 날 프사장네 3 6 9 에서 회식..
엄마한테 효자하는 아들 그러나……….
아버지는 술 취하셔서 연락두절..

Drunken Prime, a victim of my mom’s alcohol bomb!
엄마가 준 술 폭탄에 꽐라된 프사장..

And.. reserved for AP only.. Sitting here.. makes me drowsy…
그리고 AP 전용자리… 이거 완전 잠 온다..

YoungDeuk is lonely……
영득이는 외롭고…

came back home..supposed to take a nap…
그리고 집에 와서 즐잠을 하려했는데..

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