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  1. how can jks say that love rain was a waist of time 🙁 i’ve watched it so many times and it made me feel so stupid when he sad that!! and to think i’ve lost so many time in it while i could’ve done so many things or focus on my study ..ohhh i’m shocked ; and even if he got burn by it he shouldn’t tell us like that . its not good for his fans or his LR co_stars >O_< and he come
    and say that!!!!!!

    • Randa, did you miss the earlier translation of the radio program shared by Kaori chan? here you are.. http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/23564#more-23564

      we actually notice many read the twisted articles from a few Korean media site and got the wrong idea…Kaori chan has also included the YT version for eels who understand Korean to hear from themselves..so we got the facts right and not affected by the rumors created by the media misinterpretation (intentionally to improve viewership ^_^ which is a common marketing strategy by media)

    • He didnt say that it was a waste of time . He only said that it wasn’t successful and he was burned by it ( which I think meant that the drama has not help to increase his popularity but instead the other way round . Have to understand that he only have time to do one drama per year , the result of each drama are crucial to his career )

    • RANDA are you really his fan? Do you speak & understand korean language very well? As a true eel – if you really are. Aren’t you being unfair jumping to conclusion…you always have something negative to say. Sorry don’t mean to offend you.

  2. KuenSuk was so animated and his replies was fast and furious (figurative speech – don’t mis-interprete). Poor VJ – he had to keep up with my darling’s quick-witted response. I love to hear Suk in show like this – he has no script but he could just go on and he would never be short of words or funny response. Most time, he poked fun of himself and if you just listen to what he had to say, you would not think of him as rude or arrogant.

    • Mandy, yes.. the Chinese sub vid of the radio show I saw at BaiduSukbar (China) is so well received by Chinese eels as they said the same thing about the show.. seeing the vid and the conversation with VJ makes me smile as he keeps poking fun of himself ^_^ Appreciate we have good & truthful translation by eels all over…. even If I don’t understand Korean language.

    • haha . yes! .. you can always tell that the fresher host / interviewer are nervous or underpressure whenever they have to interview him . They are always worry that he would churn out something that they wouldn’t know how to respond .Ahh.. the part where he gives advise to VJ is really manly and cool . The confidence of a smart handsome young man .

  3. It is so sad that the people of his own country misunderstood him to that extend while people around the world just can’t wait to see him more!!
    Why can’t they just listen by their own ears before judging??

  4. Sisters, please forgive me for ranting here…… but I just can’t help myself…………

    I do understand all artistes have HATERs or Antis….. but what I’m reading and witnessign, comparing based on browsing thru some of the articles written about other STARs in different websites……..Jang Keun Suk has the most “twisted untrue” and unfavorable NEWS among all the K-Stars. Most people LOVE reading those twisted and untruth BAD NEWS about him too. Not only they love reading bad news…..they love bashing, degrading, and humiliating him to their heart content too…..T.T. *crying*

    I am sickening when I see so many people in this world just being so dislike or hateful people. They are so easily sway and blindly believe everything written on news. Sometimes, I did tune out not reading those bad comments becoz I don’t want to be hurt or sad (my heart not strong enough). Sometimes, I laughed and amused when reading at all the comments. Sometimes, I found it very interesting to read other people’s points of views….goshhh…. but why they love to write so much negative and hurtful words. Sometimes…….I feel hurt and bad even more if I’m not defending my STAR, if I don’t say or do anything at all to lighten the negative comments. Why can’t people share neutral feelings about things???……if they don’t like or don’t know about that person……please please just don’t disrespect by writing untruth and bashful comments about that person……pretending like they know every things about him or her.

    It’s true that being eels, we need strong conviction and strong believing in loving him. Yeahhh… being an eel is very hard because we have encountered discriminations…being treated weird, being gazed upon with crazy look from people passerby, being called all kind of nasty names just becoz we love JKS. Yeahh… only strong conviction persons could survive being eels……because we have to build up sooooo thick skin, we have to learn to ignore or turn blind eyes to some to the ridiculous comments about our STAR and us, eels.

    True, some eels become tire and exhausting in defending this man all the time…no fun… and left the eels’ pond. As for me, I have a strong conviction, love and loyalty for this man so I never tired….!!!! I might be called weird or crazy person…. I will keep on defending him as long as I believe he does and lives life in an honor manner; as long as he still shows us his sincere heart, still shows goodness and humanity in him. JKS might not be the PERFECT image star or idol in this world. Despite encountering with hard falls and failures, JKS still shows his positive outlook in life.

    So much I admire his passion, determination and strong drives and strong mind-set in working toward his goals. A lesser person would already give-up and break down completely!!! I love JKS just the way he is….!!! I am proud of him!!! I am proud be called his eel!!

      • im with u suk!!! no matter what people said. im with u eels!! promise!! proud to be a 3 years old eel now.kkkk…

    • People, by nature, are envious…

      And South Korea is very specific… They put their Idols under microscope and expect them to behave perfectly but if they make a single mishap or a mistake, they’re instantaneously the worst.

      They also bash Yoona and most other very successful stars.

      It’s sad but true 🙁

    • ZIKZIN!!!! EELS…
      I really wonder about haters…do they hate him so much they willing to spent time bashing him…well one thing is for sure…..JKS does not leave them untouched…and this is really unintentional LOL..Guess if you want to pick on someone you can always find faults
      I rather spent my time watching Sukkies dramas or listening to his songs..
      As you said earlier in another post:
      “As JKS said, “Even if other people insult me and scold me, so long as I have the truth, I have me. I am a person who think that making my own life all by myself is much precious than anything. Gonna live my life frantically hard day by day. I am who I am. I have always been this way………”
      Through JKS I got interested in korean culture…but the more I read about some of their dealings the more I wonder about them…I start to waver…seems like there is no room for individualism…the geniune humanbeing; I smell hypocrisy and I don’t like that…
      But I’m sure there are also good, openminded and righteous koreans…so I’ll keep an openmind also; Tt makes me admire JKS evenmore…he’s a really strong man standing tall after so much bashing & discrimination….
      Sukkie…as they say…if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger; your true eels know its hurting you…keep your mind on the good things; your achievements and your other succesfull projects and the love from all the loving eels around the world..
      This eel admires and love you for who you are… the good and the bad; as you always say…no man is better/worst than the other…let’s work hard together

      • im sorry to Korean too..i dont want to call them hypocrite too but it seems so..why they have to bash him like that if he’s not acting in their way and what they expect.is this typical korean? idk..but i believe its frm antis perspective..not all korean..

  5. Feels sad when reports are intentionally negative toward him.
    Why can’t they report the genuine? Must they twist the facts to increase viewership?
    I had enough of reporters doing that. I’ve seen one here today.
    Really feel so unjust for JKS.
    This pig situation just made me want to support JKS more than ever.
    JKS remains strong and standing in our heart!

    Stay strong and happy Prince…you have our trust and support!

    • Your are right…this is a real pig situation….luckily we know the score.coming out of his own mouth…totally different from what they reported…..
      so agree…makes me want to support JKS more than ever…
      Stay truthful to yourself JKS…ZIKZIN


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