7 thoughts on “[29.04.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Facebook”

  1. I wonder how he did for the TOEIC !

    Anyway, given his intelligence, he will definitely pass the test.
    Hope he can graduate from Uni so that he has one less area of focus… pity that he has so much responsibilitis and work.

  2. I observe he is playing with the letter ‘H’ in his design, here is ‘batH’ . He is so clever to stir our curiosities. I have to search for Team H video clips whether they have his H hiding somewhere. I wonder he has Happiness, Honesty, alcoHol, Hi, cHange, nigHt, kimcHi, spicy and Hot, sHow etc. Word games for your eels right, my Prince?

  3. http://www... if only he can continue to feed us a daily video… we really love all his clips and is something we r looking forward to everyday before…! may i shout out here… we still dont know what is team h!!! i think we need a total of 300 videos to feed us on a daily basis to understand all about team h.. kekkekee..


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