8 thoughts on “[Pics-2] Team H arrived in Seoul from BKK_20130324”

  1. million dollar forehead is back to Seoul ^_^ many of us are missing Sukkie already….
    I’m so happy to attend BKK TeamH concert with fellow eels and we really enjoy our short gathering…

    • If I’m not wrong, it referes to his broad/high forehead..Asians favors this…they says these people are intelligent, will have good fortune and are prosporous
      Sukkie has a beautiful forehead : )

      • Mamacri, you’re right.. one of his nickname by Chinese eels is millionaire forehead “百万额头“ as you mentioned that most people with the high forehead are known to be wealthy and wise too… Also, when Sukkie was young, many Korean people we met him also made the same remarks on his high forehead…

      • Wow, JKS has soooo many in-born qualities.
        Such an amazing person!
        He is so blessed!
        Love every bit of him!
        “百万额头” Zikzin!

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