6 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS left for Bangkok for Team H Party_20130321”

  1. whoww…Team Musketier on the way again…Seems like Sukkie is walking even faster than normal…
    waiting for picture of his arrival..how many Thai eels will be there welcoming him

  2. Hi.my dear green star in my country IRAN is new year starting and i am on haly day .pls enjoy the chang seson.unfortunatly i can,t see your new photos. It seems you try alot despit that you and your team are n,t happy .my dear keun suk trust God. You can get positive energy with your parentsor stay at home .some time drive slowly and pay attention to small things beside the road.it gives you feeling relax.at the end go to church and pray .i also pray for you .Tahere mohammadi IRAN ..p.s:HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY DEAR STAR:JANG KEUN SUK.I never forgot you.؛)


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