4 thoughts on “[21.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo”

  1. My dear Keun-Suk ssi …. you’re filled with joie d’ vivre; but wise and intelligent enough to realize it only takes “One Slip” to loose everything!
    The expression on your face said it all, you had the wind knocked out of you, as well as being stunned and embarrassed. (Quite honestly, one pig is enough.) Please “think before you leap.”
    You are in a class by yourself, surrounded by loving family, friends and loyal supporters cheering you on towards achieving your dreams.
    With a sincere heart,

    • Ommo….hope he did not hurt himself…he must have had some major bruises…like in MMM
      Please be careful while having fun…we know you are unstoppeble but we want to accompany for years and years to come………….
      Can’t handle the idea you could have knocked yourself out.

  2. Blamed it on the rain…..
    Blamed it on the stars…..
    Now blamed it on the champagne ….
    Blamed it on the shoes (he’s not wearing anti-slip shoes)…
    Don’t get yourself hurt Team H!
    You guys are precious! lol@£*

  3. Ooei he’s face doesn’t look good indeed when he gets up O_o Suddenly all the fun was out….Definitely one fall makes it all so please be carefull my Prince!!


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