[20.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

UPDATE: added the link of [20.03.2013] Bodyguard Makimura-san’s Ameblo.
*NOTICE: This H-Film has English subtitles! Yay! Team H, zikzin to the world!!

2013-03-20 11:59:38
what is Team H? 27
Japanese main bodyguard, Makimura-san.
He is always working hard for us.
Please give him freedom, too………
I really…………………. respect him!!

Title: what is Team H? 27

tenshi_akuma’s note: SP means bodyguard. Makimura-san responded this post. He also posted so touching message to JKS. Check [20.03.2013] Bodyguard Makimura-san’s Ameblo.

11 thoughts on “[20.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo”

  1. Seeing this video, happy two-man faces makes me satisfied. Very heartwarming ^^
    He’s definitely an eel and also close friend. Through work, they’ve become known each other and close friends! What a beautiful world!

    P.S. Makimura-san (Mr. Makimura, Makki) is a very famous bodyguard in Japan. Not only Sukkie but other celebrities like Tom Cruise and Madonna are guarded by him. And he was featured in a Japanese comic book before.

  2. H – Happy Time together
    H – Heartwarming
    H – Friend-sHip
    H – First artiste to cHeauffer a bodyguard!
    H – wHole-Heartedly safe-guarding JKS
    H – Makimura san, KamsaHamida!
    I love this vid.
    Makes me feel warm.
    Their sincerity towards each other can be felt.

  3. So great Makimura-san is willing to appear in his video. Can see JKS really likes him and vice versa. We seldom see artistes being so close and comfortable with his SP especially one from another country. I am sure Makimura-san always look forward to working with one of his fav artiste.

  4. it so great to see them together having fun ! ! really glad our Prince found a bodyguard whose loyal and importantly an eel 🙂

  5. My prince Jang is really a kind heart person dispite of being an Asia Prince he can show his love to his body guard, that’s why his body guard show his loyalty and respect to sukkie, good to see them having fun


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