8 thoughts on “[Pics-2] Team H Party in Shanghai_20130316”

  1. Don’t think they are on drugs..saw a interview somewhere that because of all these outside clubs are often involved with somekind of drugs he got his own “safe”place from his mother(CEO)…
    besides Team H party is a showparty…they drink(wich is not illegal) and don’t make a secret of it but I’m pretty sure he won’t jeopardize his own company by doing something so stupid : D
    But Sukkie can get high even if others are low from childhood till now…and he doesn’t even need anything….like a energizing bunny LOL

    • MamaCri. I love your description on the last part.. Since childhood.. he can be high and make those feeling low to feel high with him.. it is always a common comment from his co-workers… even we can see in BTS of drama making, CF making or even interviews… this is the personality we love in him ^_^

    • Hi MamaCri, I’m a longtime Eel who bumped here by some chance lol. I might look silly for commenting on a six-year-old post, but I’m currently digging on some stuff about JKS I missed during my years of stanning, and you just saved me from having a misunderstanding! (I found a ‘stock market’ rumor about someone who’s most likely JKS doing that bad thing in clubs). It’s really cool that JKS ALWAYS proves himself to be innocent no matter how crazy the accusations are. Happy to be an Eel! ??


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