7 thoughts on “[16.03.2013] Tree-J staff Weibo”

    • I heard he slipped on champagne during the show, going to backstage. But he was got up by the staff and back to the show with a laughter. So now it’s OK ^^

      • Thank you so much for the quick reply.For a minute I thought something bad happened to him,like not feeling well or something like that.
        And I also want to thank you for the effort you put in keeping this blog alive with fresh news about Sukkie.

      • Thank God..nothing serious..guess he was too high…running and slipping..
        he’s like a mustang LOL
        Thanks tenshi for clearing this

    • I think BB is playing this song in other area, too. But we didn’t know the title. During Team H Party, many BB original songs from his album are played. I like them, too ^^

      • BB has a seperate album?…you were at one of the parties? If so you should know…I love all their songs anyway…hope we get to hear someday

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