[Video] 張根碩(장근석) – 訪問 20130315(with English summary)

Credits: 520stars1
English summary: sheokee and Zannie from ECI

Korean actor Jang Keun Suk is in Beijing to promote team H party, heading to Shaghai for the concert. (describing his clothers) how sexy it is… He always presenting himself adorable and cute poses on stage. And his new Chinese song driving fans crazy. Then the emcee asked him to sing the Chinese version out to the fans present at the venue. (he’s singing) They praise his Chinese pronunciation, saying that it is quite accurate and this is his own Chinese Song. JKS said, “It is the first time he added Chinese lyrics into a song, which means to him to be closer to his fans in China.” There after he said that he posted on Weibo to all the Chinese fans saying that he is coming and drove all the Chinese female fans fighting to reply his Weibo account. The emcee asked him what is his secrets for picking up girls, showing the song, “What is your name?” JKS answered “Now I have a new method.” He said that the previous one is deemed old and no longer in use. Then he said in more direct way, “Can I have your phone number, please?” Then he said, “I want all the girls phone number.” He pointed to fans outside and said including the media!

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  1. Prince wants the phone number of all the ladies……
    Shall we all give our phone number to him?? kkkkkkkk
    Hey Prince, do call us………..lol!


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