[article] JKS cafe is worth visiting? Yes, it gives power to be positive!

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Hallyu artist Jang Keun Suk, who is active in various areas such as actor, singer and model has produced his original brand “Zikzin”, and the cafe “ZIKZIN CAFE&DINING” was open in Shibuya, Tokyo on March 14th. Just for your information, “Zikzin” means going forward/ straight in Korean. It represents his thought to tackle everything with zikzin mind.

The cafe is on the 2nd floor of Zikzin building. On the 1st floor, there is “Collecte De ZIKZIN”. And on the 3rd floor, there is “ZIKZIN NAIL SHOP”. That means the whole building is produced by him. What kind of shops they are? Let’s explore them!

1st floor: Collecte De ZIKZIN
Entering the entrance, a stylish space awaits you.
In the shop, various items are sold. For example, collaborative items with Italian brand “L’inoui”, JKS selected favorite items and Zikzin original items like T-shirt and hoodie. And the items JKS wore in his concerts are also displayed, which helps to make JKS world.

It is the hat JKS really wore in concerts. And the JKS figured doll is now only for display, but they’re planning to sell it in the future.
This is the boots he wore, too. It must be coveted by his fans.
They are collaborative items with Italian brand “L’inoui”. Passport case, wallet and clutch in various colors.
They are eau du toilette and aromatic candles of diptyque.
They are shampoos of Chamenne. All items are his favorites and selected by him directly.
They are the Zikzin original items, T-shirt and hoodie.

”ZIKZIN CAFE&DINING” also has a stylish and composed atmosphere.
The atmosphere of ”ZIKZIN CAFE&DINING” seems for mature adults. The beam in a ceiling is created in the style of arrow which represents “ZIKZIN”. Not only for ordinary lunch time (from 11:00 to 15:00), they also serve lunch menu from 15:00 to 17:00. It’s convenient for working women.

Besides, you can see various ingenuities in the cafe. For example, patterns of the ceiling and floor looks like arrow which represents the concept of “ZIKZIN”. In addition, there are JKS’ handwritten messages on the floor. And photos taken by him and his favorite books are displayed.
On the floor, there are JKS’ handwritten messages and words of wisdom to be more positive.
This shelf has a very impressive straight-line shape. His favorite items and books are displayed there.
There are some photos JKS himself filmed or he was filmed, too.

For his fans, this cafe is so full of treasures that they can enjoy the cafe to details like a treasure hunting. Even not his fans can enjoy the atmosphere. Then, How about their foods and drinks?

“ZIKZIN CAFE&DINING” serves lunch and cafe menu during the daytime, and at night they serve a la carte menu like tapas, pasta, burger. So you can enjoy the cafe anytime. They offer a very unique menu blended with different food cultures such as Korean and Italian. For example, they add Korean original ingredient like Topokki and Gouchujang to standard menu like pasta and hamburger.
“Zikzin burger (1,100 yen)” using a chicken thigh meat with salty-sweet sauce like Dak Galbi is highly recommended. The price is 1,100 yen, but during late lunch hour (from 15:00 to 17:00), you can add a drink paying extra 300 yen.
Another recommended menu, “Salad Bibimbap (1,200 yen)”. On five main cereals (rice, wheat, foxtail millet, Japanese millet, and millet), there is Namul, fresh and steamed vegetable with crisp raw ham. You can enjoy three difference in texture; crunchy texture of fresh vegetable, moist texture of Namul and steamed vegetable, and crispy texture of raw ham. You can’t forget the texture once you give it a try.

Not only food menu, desserts include Korean taste.
This is “Fruit brulee and shaved ice (800 yen)” given a hint from Korean shaved ice “Patbingsu”. On the shaved ice, there is mango and custard.
This is “Hotok fried pancake (850 yen)” given a hint from Korean hotcake, Hotok.
This is “Pomegranate lemonade (700 yen)”. There are various drink menu like this used pomegranate which is commonly used in Korean drink menu.
This is “Mango Berry Apple (800 yen)” cocktail using Makkori (Korean alcoholic beverage). Like this, there are various drink menu based on Makkori.

All menu were selected among many trial menu by Zikzin brand staff including Jang Keun Suk himself. They look very delicious, which makes us eat all.

Regardless of his fans, the cafe is worth visiting and trying the menu. I’m sure it will get attention from now on!

HOW TO ACCESS: Check this early post
Opening hours: from 11 am to 11 pm (Last call: 10:00 pm)
Business days: not mentioned the shop holiday yet
Address: 2F, 1-15-2, Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo
Tel: +81 3-6277-5370
Seats: 40
Website: http://zikzincafe.com

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  1. It’s EELs’ Heaven!
    I wish I could fly over there now!
    Such an elegant place for dinning, shopping & nail salon.
    What’s more exciting is …. every corner is filled with JKS.
    His favourite items are displayed.
    Cri Shows costume exhibits etc
    His preferences, those delicious, fabulous looking food…
    We can get to know his taste much closer.OMG!
    Zikzin all the way!

  2. Tenshi, thanks for the wonderful introduction to zikzin cafe. Love it! All the food looks yummy!! mm… is this a reason to fly to Japan? 😉

  3. Wow, the cafe is stylish and impressive… and very JKS. The same goes for the shop-cum-museum. I wish I could visit someday.

  4. Cool! It looks like a very stylish place.Even a non-Eel person could enjoy the atmosphere.He definitely has good taste,as he is proving it everyday in everything he does.

  5. yup!! he has good taste i believe..i love the whole shop concept and decoration..all look good..and hope the sales will be good too 🙂

  6. wow!!! i felt like i just had a tour inside Zikzin shops myself…really worth visiting, i just wish i could 🙁
    the foods make me drool…looks delicious!
    thanks for sharing!

  7. so tempted sis Kaori….your way of introducing it really make us wanna fly there right away. for sure worth to visit and more to treasure inside!!

  8. Sis Kaori, thanks very much for your sharing! I really want to fly to Japan to visit and find all the treasure inside the Zikzin Shop now!


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