4 thoughts on “[Pics-2] Zikzin Cafe and Dinning_20130314”

  1. Food Glorious Food
    We’re anxious to try it
    Three banquets a day
    Our favourite diet…….
    Oh food (Zikzin Cafe Food),
    Magical food, Wonderful food, Marvellous food, Fabulous food, Beautiful Food….
    Gloooooorioooous Fooooood!!!
    Oh, I’m soooo going to Zikzin Cafe! kkkkkkkk
    Indulge without guilt cos its ZikZin Cafe! ….sound like an advertisement….lol!
    Thanks Tenshi for posting!

    • Lol Lynn….you make me crazy for I don’t have a chance to visit in the near future…
      Can only drool and dream how I would take in the sphere of his designs
      Well maybe eels will visit and share their experiences

  2. i can’t even dream of visiting…i’ll just drool and settle for photos shared in here 🙁
    every Zikzin shop have it’s own distinct ambiance…so cozy and elegant!


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