[13.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-03-13 11:54:20
What is Team H? 22
We’re risking our own life for Team H event!!
Don’t ask us why, but our popularity is not so high in Kansai area, especially in Osaka.
I, Keun-shan handed out CDs for Team H promotion!!!!!!
All were bought by my own money ㅠㅠ
We can’t dream additional tour in Kansai area……………???

Title: What is Team H? 22
からだはるTeam H イベント!!
グンちゃん、そしてTeam HのPRのために

2013-03-13 21:00:30
Additional tour was decided!
TEAM H tour
Additional stage will be held at Nippon Budokan (in Tokyo) for 2 days in May!!!!
More detail information will be announced in the near future!!

Title: 追加公演決定!
5月 日本武道館2dsys追加公演決定!!!!

7 thoughts on “[13.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo”

  1. well even God himself well not popular to those places who does not believe in God, so how much more to our prince Jang, its really need a hard work and effort to be one of the best known to all , so to prince Jang don’t worry I believe in you that somehow you gonna be known through out in any country, what you have to do is keep on going don’t give up your dream,show what you’ve got cause I know your the best more than any one else, if things wasn’t good let it be don’t worry to much it’s part of being you. enjoy your self have fun while your still young do the things you wanna do as long it is the right things to do , for what sis maui said “you have the world in your hand” hold it with hope in your heart that you will conquired the world prince

  2. Do you know that Nippon Budokan and his stage for Team H party are of the same shape? Why should I be surprised? After all he is genius, we all know that. 🙂

  3. Just for your information, I wrote a request on Team H party questionnaire, “It’s good to have additional tour in Japan, but please don’t forget to tour Europe and US. Many are waiting for Team H.” Even if it takes time, I’m sure he’ll carry out his word ^^

    • Hi Tenshi! Thanks for always updating us. I also believe he will be going to US and Europe and Europe for Team H. He is very much aware a lot of Eels are also waiting for him there. And how I wish Team H will perform at Madison Square in New York City. And I hope he will be doing his next drama this year. Many of us missed him a lot!


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