14 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] TOKYO FM “COSMO POPS BEST10” Interview_20130309”

  1. Actually I didn’t get what JKS mean, saying “I prefer white one”.
    Is it he likes white bikini girls or fair-skinned girls?
    I heard BB likes pink bikini… Lol.

    • I think he means girls in white bikini’s cause he has showed a pic on ameblo block of a girl which wearing a white bikini…kkkkk ^^ They’re both so funny and cute…loved to hear them speak english too^^ I can hear that JKS is trying his best to speak english even though he isn’t good at..Really admire his effort! Last part was really most funniest.. Thank you tenshi for sharing^^

  2. their voice is hoarse because of the performance last night..they’re working so hard!
    oh please Prince dont forget you’re an actor too..been missing you’re acting so much 🙁 one thing funny is that he always mention in interviews that he started at the age of 5 haahaha 🙂

  3. hahaha…their voice…totally hoarse from partying
    I love beautiful change….but no changing the face please…it’s beautiful as it is boysssssss..you guys are already perfect!!!

    come in bikini even if you are 60!!! hahaha Sukkie you’re gonna kill me lol
    naughty Sukkie..he loves white bikini…a bit see-through…but he loves white and creme and ivory colours..

    Hope he’ll have a acting job this year; really love to see him acting emotions again in a new drama or movie…a drama for there is more of him to see…I’ve seen all his work for the…times
    But coming from his won mouth we will have a solo album this summer!!!!! ….. dance dance dance

  4. i think he will doing his acting project in the second half of this year..maybe after the team h shows are done.maybe a script already confirmed..?? since he will release the new solo album in July..i dont think he will have a cri show this year. maybe the cri show III will be held next year or maybe the end of the year..just maybe..

  5. awwwww… “i planned the stage, at first staff opposed my idea because it costs too much, but i insisted, if the stage isnt like that, i won’t perform” — awwwwww!!!! his perseverance has come a long way.. blame his A blood type.. hahahahaha… i love his perseverance that eels now get to enjoy a 360 degree stage experience!! He’s truly a GENIUS!


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