[Pics] Team H promotion “Free Hug” in Osaka_20130304

Photo Credits: Team H/ JKS Ameblo and shared on twitter

Even though it was cold in Osaka, Jang Keun Suk unexpectedly started to promote Team H in Osaka, wearing the disguise of a mandrill. He held a placard “Free Hug by Team H” and hugged passersby. And he gave Team H new album “I just wanna have fun” with his autograph. People were so touched by his sincerity and uniqueness. This “Free Hug” promotional project must be very successful!

Here’s the related Team H/ JKS Ameblo.



He had lunch at his favorite Ramen shop, Kamukura in Osaka.

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  1. Oh My God! If people just know ( especially the girls ) that behind that mask was the real Keun Chan)…I’m sure they will swoop in thousands and scream on top of their lungs!

    • I heard that eels had not recognized it was him that just passed by… Yeah, it’s natural eels can’t recognize him. But he did so intentionally. He really wanted to promote Team H by himself, but disguising himself not to tell directly it is Jang Keun Suk. In this way, he succeeded to get non-eel fans!

  2. I luv it…!!! you’re ideas is so natural, just keep on “fighting”…!!!!!
    Hope I can see you personally and have a sign or Free HUG maybe…

  3. Rafiki is that you? (Well JKS has been into chants lately.) LOL

    Has a strong urge to ask him if he has a Lion Cub to hug…
    (Maybe he’ll just have to go home & hug Suni…)

    “It’s the Circle of Life…”

    Thanks for the smile dear prince! <3

  4. Did you notice a CD player at his feet?
    He must have been playing Team H music during this “Free Hug” project.
    I really really love his professionalism.

    When his first album “Just Crazy” and Team H first album “first impression” were released,
    he also did promote them by himself. He’s confident about his work.
    And he really want to let non-eels know Team H and become their new fans.

    This time many Japanese were so touched and became his fans. He got new male fans, too!
    Good job, Sukkie! Keep zikzin!!!

    • Kaori chan… I really love this special personality of Sukkie.. even he is very popular already, he works the ground and have fun in his work even as a promoter for his albums.. I’m so proud of him as I know many successful people in life work the ground up and even when they are at the top.. they still work the ground and enjoy it ^_^

  5. im so touched toooo… T_T he’s good in marketing coz he’s very thick skin.
    well..idk..should i laugh or cry??

    • I don’t say for another eels, but me….. I laugh and cry. My heart gives out for him. Don’t give up Sukkie !!! Keep on fighting!! Go zikzin!!!

    • Both! Very mixed feelings. Seriously he did in a funny way. Everyone was made happy and moved by him.

  6. I don’t know how to express my feelings occured in my heart just seeing these photos.. How sweet Sukkie you are! Even the way you hold the sign is sweet enough to make me cry for joy that I’m his eel… Full of sweetness… Not you but I want to give a big hug to this sweetest creature in the world. Love you, Sukkie. It’s not enough to say millions, but I still want to say “I love you, Sukkie!”

  7. when i first saw this, i feel sad for him. but knowing how he worked hard on this album, i realized that i should be very proud of him. he’s still the humble Sukkie and i love him more for that…….

  8. He is the sweetiest and kindest entertainer I ever come across, wish I was there to be hug, ha ha – I miss you and Guen Young, when will your next drama with her???

  9. My prince Jang really a amazing stars he always did things that can make himself be one of a kind I could not imagine how hard he tried to wear that mask for the sake of his album, and I really admired him for that,but it so sad looking this some photos that nobodys got more attention for him, someone think that his an ordinary man on the street but not knowing behind that mask is the real KING OF ASIA JKS, well in our society no one can get any attention if your beauty is, you know? but if your beauty is so much good looking well no doubt people will gonna run after you LOL but for my prince Jang I am very admired him so much hope he will always stay humble and kind

  10. I hope more people will get to know him better. He is such an inspiration, a good soul and an angel on earth! I love him to death! Koreans should open their eyes to see this amazing artist right on their faces.

  11. JKS is working so hard, standing on the cold street wearing a mask! I think it is quite cold then.
    Really admire his sincerity, determination, hardwork and creativity and willing to step out of his comfort zone.
    Where can you find such a wonderful soul!
    Suuuuuure wish to hug him to give him some warmth!
    Hey, I want a free authographed album too! kkkkkkk
    Love every bit of him.

    • I’m so with you…despite he’s a big star…we should keep this in mind and differentiate between JKS BOSS…JKS actor, JKS singer and Team H partner…He just wanne have fun…with Team H..they love to tease and pull pranks..
      He’s not stuck up because he has a whole team working for him…he want to join in the fun and he’s one of the most reachable, touchable and huggable star in the SKY..
      He’s all fun when he has fun like he’s a serious when he’s serious and hardworking…really profesional

      I JUST LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!

      • he has “nothing to lose” spirit that’s make him really a strong person. actually..he always impressed me with his courage and determination..showing his professionalism at same time trying to enjoy himself and others. to think about it..he really like to challenge himself to explore the world of curiosity.

  12. I’m so touched and my eyes are full of tears. Really appreciate and love your professionalism!
    I’m proud of you, Mr Jang Keun Suk! All I can do is to support and love you whatever I can!

  13. Hi my green star.i believe that if evrey body like to undeestand you,they should believe you,i am sure you like know the real action of people who say love you and are your eels, you were that mask it was asimbol of your reputation ,but your real personality is that mask monkey .i can imagin your feeling like me, iwould like you know me and read these E mails that all of us write for you and you never pay attention or send a small answer! Jast get hope less and tird like me,l try evry day get your anews ,you cant mydear keun suk ipray fo r you iammoslem girl ,i wish can see you and speak with you,l wish i wish..take care your self and eat fresh foods,;)

  14. I feel really touched by your sincerity when you put on a mask to promote your Team H CD! I know you want to open up the market to males or non-JKS fans, but you know what , you really need to modify your IMAGE, otherwise, it will be hard to reach out to a wider market! I personally certain that some young males, regardless of nationality , will like your kind of electric nightclub dancing music.You might appear in Korean K-pop TV shows too, cause the Korean media needs to know your existence too. Don’t ignore the Korean market, I really feel that you need to do something so that the Koreans will officially accept you as a Korean singer and help to promote your CD too!

    • I wonder if Korea is ready to fully accept him and give him the praise he deserves..the past is hard to forget..I m happy Sukkie is still the man the good boy his parents raised despite what they did to him. Don’t know if I could have handle such cold shoulders…..sigh


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