[27.02.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-02-27 11:23:06
NICONICO decided to webcast Team H pary in Kobe!!!
News flash!!!
TEAM H PARTY in Kobe (Feb. 27th)
will be webcast on Feb. 28th, at 22:30!!!!!
You’ll regret if you miss it!!!!!!
Click here for more info about the webcast of TEAM H PARTY in Kobe!

Title: ニコニコ神戸公演放送決定!!!
TEAM H PARTY in 神戸放送詳細はこちら!

tenshi_akuma’s note: I’m so sorry but “this program is not available outside of Japan.” :'(

2013-02-27 12:01:43
What is Team H? 14
Finally TEAM H album is released!!!!!!
However…… The reality is………………………..
Ni…. Nice to meet you……….

[translation of the video]
JKS: Our album will be released next week. To promote it, I’m interviewing with many people. Have you ever heard Team H? Have you known Actor Jang Keun Suk?
Guest A: Honestly, I’ve known little. Well, not familiar with his face…
JKS: Who’s your favorite artists?
Guest B: BOA and Beast?
JKS: Very few know Team H. So we started Ameba Blog (Ameblo).
Guest A: To tell the truth, the image of your music I imagined before hearing was totally different.
JKS: I know what you mean.
Guest A: Very different. I imagined that is more like a music middle-aged women prefer. I thought every K-pop music are similar, but I was wrong. It’s like a bad boy music.
JKS: Do you have a girlfriend?
Guest C: Yes.
JKS: You have? Why don’t you come with your girlfriend?
Guest C: Wait for a second. Isn’t this a dream? OMG…
JKS: That’s all.

Title: What is Team H? 14
いよいよTEAM Hのアルバムはつばいび!!!!!!
でも…… げんじつは………………………..
は…. はじめまして……….

JKS: アルバムが来週に出ます。それをPRするために、今いろんな人たちとインタビューしているんですが。Team Hは知っていましたか? チャン・グンソクという俳優は知っていましたか?
Guest A: いや、おれ、知らなかったです。え・・・顔も(知らない)
JKS: 好きな芸能人は?
Guest B: BOA、Beastとか?
JKS: 誰も知らない。だからアメブロ始めた。
Guest A: でも、なんかイメージしていたのと全然違う。
JKS: そうでしょ。
Guest A: 全然違う。おばちゃんらが喜びそうな、だからそういうイメージでしか。みんな一緒かと思っていたけど。どちらかというと不良な感じ。
JKS: 彼女いる?
Guest C: いる。
JKS: いる? 彼女と一緒に来ればいい。
Guest C: ちょっと待って。これ夢じゃないん、これ?やばい。。
JKS: 以上です。

tenshi_akuma’s note: “Hajimememashite” means “Nice to meet you.” But the spelling was wrong T_T… Not, “Hajimamsite”… T_T

tenshi_akuma’s note: Oh, he corrected the spelling to “Hajimememashite”!

2013-02-27 17:44:26
If there are many bikini girls in Team H Kobe party today,
I’m thinking of tearing my clothes.

Title: せんこく

2013-02-27 19:06:31
Shall we go?
We check carefully!!!
That’s TEAM H.
we’ve changed!!!!!
Let’s go today as well!!!!

Title: いっちゃおうか!

2013-02-28 01:32:15
TEAM H album ranked No. 2 in Oricon daily chart!!!!!!
We’re holding a celebration party!!!!!!
Keep this up to Oricon weekly chart. Jyo~~ Zikzin!!!!!!!!!
And! We had a great time in Kobe Party!!!
Those who want to have fun with us more, come to our TEAM H Party!

Title: 2位!!!!!!!
TEAM H アルバム2位
おめでとう Party!!!!!!
Zyo~~ Zikzin!!!!!!!!!
こうべParty めっちゃたのしかった!!!
TEAM H PartyにCome!

12 thoughts on “[27.02.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo”

  1. thanks for the translation Tenshi…i was wondering what he’s doing? and who are the people in his car when i first watched the video kkkk i htink he’s trying to convert non-eels into one 🙂

  2. when I read this articles it seems that Team H is really not so familiar but since JKS is a famous one so there’s a big possibility that Team H will be known soon, not only in Asian country but to other countries too, but for what JKS said they started with Ameba Blog to let people knows about Team H but I don’t think this is not really a good idea because for my own observation his new blog now is really hard to deal with it. We cannot easily sending any comments for this blog without using two bytes, how about those people who are not knows how to use this kinds of words, do we always need to use google for this? we are really wanted to sending comments to let our prince that we are always there for him, so much disappointed for myself hope JKS will looking forward that Eels over the world only one language will be known and that is use “ENGLISH” to let all eels communicate each other

    • Don’t worry Genie… I think he is just further strengthening his foundation in Japan . He will sooner or later adapt english as his promotion medium .. See he is praticing his english lately with BB and even sings English songs . His effort of recording the video in English can be seen too .

    • He’ll find another communication or promotion tools for international music market. Ameblo is originally for Japanese people who are not his eels. So please understand his choice.

  3. The reason he chose “Hajimemashite” at the end of this film, Team H is still a newcomer for ordinary Japanese people. So he politely greets us using a regular phrase for first meeting, “Hajimemashite (Nice to meet you)…”

    • yar .. I’m glad that he came out from his comfort huge pools of eels and expose to the ordinary Japanese .. its like starting all over , back to his original self ,not an easy adjustment for someone so popular in Japan like him . But this is his way to not lose himself admist the fame , and surround himself with constant challenge. GO GO GO !


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