4 thoughts on “[Pics] Team H departs for Hiroshima_20130221”

  1. TEAM H going to have lots of FUN in Japan!
    Yeah party party party….Jyo Zikzin!
    However, do not get too much Liquor Shot.
    You’ve welcome eels to your house/club and eels will dress up, Beautifully Changed to attend your party.
    Feel the Beat,Rock & Roll all night, put your hands up to the rhythm…forget about The Time because eels Gotta Getcha the magic of the night…yes, Can’t Stop the charms of Team H….Oh I Just Wanna Have Fun with Team H.
    Now Put Your Hands Up….
    Yeah, Come on yo!
    Come on, let’s rock this party….say lah lah lah lah lah!Let’s go, turn up the music out loud now!! shake it…shake it….shake it!Time to go crazy …. Time for the show.
    Oh.. Team H soooooooo HOT!
    Hey Handsome….What is your name?? kkkkkkk


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