7 thoughts on “[Video] Making of CF “MITSUI SUMITOMO CARD””

  1. My prince Jang is like a “Metal” very strong can’t never be easy to be broke when it comes of “WORK”, I think his the man without feeling tiredness, he really enjoy what his doing, a very professional actor, singer, everything, he got that unique personality no doubt that many people really love him

    • yes…but because of that…he also has to put up with a lot of envy and rebuff..and called difficult and bossy and what not
      he knows it and has said so…
      He’s serious hardworking/partying and maybe hard on others, but I’m sure he gives more than he takes…at least gives equally : )

  2. Yeahhooo!!!! This video clip is eels’ treasure. Can’t believe watching someone at working would be this pleasurable!!! Super love him in very shots and customs.


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