[18.02.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-02-18 12:01:03
What is Team H? 5
I’ll show you a really odd Team H video!
At present, BIG BROTHER just holds Japanese vocabulary lists and pretends as if he were reading.
On the other hand, look how marvelous your Boss’s speaking skill is!!

Text translation of the video:
JKS: Did you have fun, everybody? Did you have fun, you upstairs? Are you sure? Did you have fun, you at the back? I feel so good, too. How about you, Big Brother?
Big Brother: Tokyo is great [Saikou]! (Saikou means great in Japanese)
JKS: Hey, don’t pronounce Saikou, but Pshyco.
Big Brother: Tokyo, Pshyco. Pshyco. (BB is trying to say Tokyo is great.. kk)
JKS: Yeah, Tokyo is great [Pshyco]! Eels, you’re great, too!

Title: What is Team H? 5
本格的に変なTEAM Hの登場!
BIG BROTHERは現在、日本語の単語帳を持って読んでるふりだけ

2013-02-18 18:30:00
Special video!!!!
Today I release another special video, too!!!
It was took on Boss’s birthday party of last year.
Soon our party will begin.
Coming soon!!!!

Title: とくべつえいぞう!!!!

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