[15.02.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-02-15 11:34:08
What is team H? 2
Well, as I promised, I upload h film self-edited with Ankou Producer today.
Today as well, I named this post ‘What is team H? 2’,
but for those who are curious about ‘what Team H party is like….?’,
I’ll tell you beforehand..
Today you’ll see our wilder side in the video..
For your information, our dirtier side will be released one after another tomorrow. kkkkkk
Everyone, please try to look for what ‘H’ of team H means~
We’re still struggling to find the meaning…..
Anyway, please enjoy watching this!

Title: What is team H? 2
さあ、約束どおり今日もアンコpdと一緒に直接編集した h flim upします
今日も What is team H? 2 のタイトルでお送りしますが
いったい team H の partyとはどんなだろう….というのが気になる方々のために事前におしえます..
今日はそろそろ wildに近づいてる姿を公開..
ちなみに、明日からは本格的な dirtyに近い姿がぞくぞくと公開されます ㇰククㇰクク
みなさんも team Hの 「H」 の意味を探してください~
では たのしく見てください!

2013-02-15 13:01:52
I’ll release Team H second title song “feel the beat” teaser version!!!!!!
In Japan, Japanese version will be included in the album.
Feb. 27th!!! Look forward to it-CRI!!!

Title: ついに!!!
14時にTeam Hふたつめのタイトル曲
feel the beat teaserバージョン公開!!!!!!
2月27日!!! 期待してクリ!!!

2013-02-15 14:00:00
[teaser] Feel The Beat M/V teaser
On that day, how many bottles of champagne I was drinking while shooting the MV…?

Title: [teaser] Feel The Beat M/V teaser

2013-02-15 19:23:49
This is how I approach Ameblo

Title: ぼくがアメブロにのぞむしせい
tenshi_akuma’s note:
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