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  1. Kaori chan, I was wondering if all eels will shout their name out loud when both Sukkie & BB sing “What is your Name?” at the TeamH performance ^_^

    • Why Kris; are you that disapointed???…Sorry to hear that
      This is Sukkie doing Team H activities…totally different from Sukkie the ballad or Rock singer and really different from Sukkie THE ACTOR….he is a man with different faces, hats and colors and that is what a lot love about him.
      We have to trust him doing the right thing for the right purpose…this may not be your cup of tea but still he has other things that stays the same..
      I am an older eel and I admire him for being able to put on different hats with flair everytime…for such a young man it really is’nt easy..unlike others from a big ent group who has everything chewed out for them he has to come up with everything himself..
      His eels are so diverse he has to satisfied everyone…as far as I know he’s just doing that..showing his talents in many ways so every eel gets a bit of his love
      If we eels really think he’s stepping out of line we should tell him..he loves & respects us enough…

    • Kris, I think you’re not an eel but only a fan as loyal eel will remain an eel forever ^_^ Also, TeamH performance has been there for past few years since I get to know Sukkie and even have seen his live performance of their performance in S’pore in 2011 when he included LoungeH performance with Big Brother as part of his concert….. many eels are looking forward to see the live performance this year too.. I’m more amazed whenever I see I can see him performing in different images and roles (DJ, singing, acting) with his stage charm & presence.. he is quite unlike many artistes I have seen with fixed image to the likes of general public or sad to say image decided by their agency with no freedom.

    • If you don’t like JKS, don’t watch him! don’t even dare click on his every article or video just to find a reason to hate!
      This world is messed up, come on people get a life! we should live by loving, not by hating.

  2. O.K i hated the way he is so full of him these days he seems to has no shame in every thing he dose he looks like a girl all the time and he seems like a playboy alot . don’t forget the way he dress these days … i mean the cry show clothes and the way he danced was a disaster and the thing that shoucked me the most was seeing him smoking all the time
    and it was when i decided to leave him….:( but i have to admit he is an amazing actor great singer; i mean it was the reason i loved him when i saw him you’re beautiful 4 years ago … and i would so love to see him in the way he was back then;so fresh so hansome and so modest ; and believe me its so hard for me to leave i realy love him ;but i just can’t seeing him like a freak and prervert all the time.

    • Kris, do you know many artistes smoke but they smoke behind the scene because they don’t want to spoil the image. You can ask many eels around.. they dislike people who smoke (including me, I don’t like people who smoke) and most don’t want Sukkie to smoke for his health.. but we eels know he smokes only when he want to de-stress and not habitual, like all the good men I know around me smoke for the same reason.. Like many eels, I won’t leave him because he is a smoker but will stay by him to see him quit actually ^_^ Like my dad & close friend who quit finally!
      If you understand him as an eel, you won’t find him a playboy at all as he is well known to have the least scandal artistes in Korean entertainment line.. did you know that? ^_^
      If you see him in person or have watched his many interviews and documentary, you will understand him like many eels… ever wonder why he is so well loved by so many eels.. the best way is not to watch just the dramas (as those are his roles only) but many eels learn about him through interview & documentary of him…

      • dear QQeyes007 if you read my comment right you’ll see that i’ve said that i used to be an eel….get it!!!! i’m not an eel any more so i dont need you to tell me that.. he’s long gone to me

      • Kris, what prompted me to reply you is you’ve said you’re no longer an eel a few times in the past here but you’re still looking at this site and commenting.. in normal circumstance, only anti-fan would do that as ex-fan would just leave and not even be reading this site at all.

    • Kris, I’m sorry but I want to make it flat and blunt. I would say you don’t love him and and don’t appreciate his many talents and different images that he can show to the public. Much more you can’t appreciate his sincerity. To be honest with it, the way I analyze your posts you love yourself more of being so conditional that you will only appreciate Sukkie according to how you would like him to act and appear, minus whatever is real human about him.

    • And I want to add… you are not forced or obliged to admire or support him. But you don’t need to hit him below the belt. Just ignore him and be indifferent, because hitting him, you are also hurting the many people who truly love and treasured him.

    • kris..i know u kind of disappointed with him because he didnt act like what u expected..but u know what?? for me he always give more than what im expected..that’s what i like about him.forget about his style cause we all know he’s famous with fashion terrorist tittle among eels.kkkk…about flirting..idk coz i never saw him in person so i cant say more..but through my observation frm interview and BTS..we all know that he just being playful to get along with others and he also a sweet person who like to take care of others. if u try to understand him better..u will know he’s not like what u thought 🙂

      • Please respect Kris comment!! She’s just true to herself!
        I think some of you here, never noticed that eels are kept on decreasing these days.That loyal eels, keep on defending Suk always! You know Suk had a lot of anti fans right? That loyal eels I’m talking about are always there to defend him, but this past few months I noticed that all of them are seem so quite,I never heard them defended Suk from his anti fans anymore.
        I used to be his loyal eels too, since BV days. I also became a part of the International Herald Tribune project for him. I love him before, but now no more.I can’t accept his weird attitude, his weird hairstyle and his weird fashion style! And I hate him being with Kurt of Team H!

      • rose, you’re wrong again as the main reason why is many of the real eels are already in ECI eels’ pond with the rest of the eels.. ^_^

      • Hi Rose! I don’t think that EELS are vanishing because they are disappointed on Sukkie’s behavior nowadays. And I would dare to say those who remained with him and the next batches who would appreciate him are the real people who appreciated this boy in the real since of the word beyond his fashion sense, beyond his many images. But they remain and will continue to remain beside him because they believe in his talents and sincerity.

      • Daryl, you’re right that the eels are not vanishing but instead we are seeing many new eels joining ECI daily and many are in the pond already bonding with the rest of the eels.. I also do not want to highlight this posting ECI to get the support of our eels in ECI partly because as eel myself, I don’t want our eels sisters & brothers to be affected by the posting..let them have a nice weekend ahead! ^_^ Just to share that our dear Esther is still writing poems for us in ECI but she has made monthly poems update now… I still appreciate her poems till now…

    • kris..i know u kind of disappointed with him because he didnt act like what u expected..but u know what?? for me he always give more than what im expected..that’s what i like about him.forget about his style cause we all know he’s famous with fashion terrorist tittle among eels.kkkk…about flirting..idk coz i never saw him in person so i cant say more..but through my observation frm interview and BTS..we all know that he just being playful to get along with others and he also a sweet person who like to take care of others. if u try to understand him better..u will know he’s not like what u thought 🙂

    • Dear kris,
      i’m an EEL but i’m not idiot!!
      from your explanation i can conclude that you just love hwang tae kyung, not keun suk
      if you dont’t love him, just leave him, but dont put such a rude word dear

  3. Oh ya it’s Kris again…it’s amazing that you are still around after hating suk style for so long…if he really disjoint you that much that many times then just lessen the time you spend on him. We understood that not all cup of tea is for everyone, and you can even voice out opinion…but do mind the way you speak…you speak like a hater (and stop calling Ppl idiot)and that really is rude to fans that are watching this fan site.

  4. To Eve & QQeyes007, I agree with both you said. Why waste your time posting on a fan site for an artist that you are not supporting. A person that understands the literal meaning of the word respect should never ever say such a thing in a fan site where people admire that artist.

  5. One of the reason I like JKS because he is not afraid to show himself even he dress differently once in a while. I guess that’s just human. It’s really difficult to please everyone since everyone has their own taste. So as long as he thinks it’s good, then we should just accept it. At times, parents doesn’t agree how their kid dress or act but we still love them. A true love is beyond just the appreance. The inner self is much more important. If you dislike the way he dresses sometimes, just have a good laugh. It makes you better as laughter make you stay younger. Just be supportive if you love that person.

  6. I really hope this terrible slandering ugly mannered person’s ( kris) comment be taken down!!!! I don’t want prince to get hurt anymore from people that do not understand him or appreciate his uniqueness!!!!!!

    • Sara,

      As much as I don’t like slandering comments too, the real world is full of such people. JKS has many fans and many anti-fans too. And the difference between fans and anti-fans, is that anti-fans are always so rude.

      Decent people who stop being a fan can still retain their manners, can’t they?
      And the thing about rudeness is, it boils down to the personality. A rude person is always rude, nothing to do with who their idol is.

      Of course the blog admin can choose to delete all anti-fan comments and pretend the whole fandom is peaceful, but we cannot deny the existence of anti-fans. People can choose to post comments that disagree with his style, his music or whatever; my only request is basic manners, self-respect and respect towards others.

  7. TO: KRIS

    You are free to like or dislike anyone.

    You can say you dislike JKS or anyone you choose to dislike; you can express your opinions in a way that’s befitting of a person with basic manners and courtesy.

    But on this blog, we do NOT tolerate rudeness, disrespect, personal attack and name-calling. The next time I see any rude personal attacks “YOU ARE ALL IDOITS”, “freak”, “pervert”, that comment will get deleted. Don’t even bother to ask why. Of course, since you have quit being a fan, you can totally quit this website too. You have the choice.

    I’m only leaving your comments above so that people can see I’m not giving a warning without basis.

    Even if you don’t mind showing the whole world your “wonderful” manners, we have the choice not to see your rudeness.

    And if some eels choose to be quiet, it is not that we agree with you.
    No matter what I think, it’s not going to influence your attitude that’s full of hatred and vehemence, so why should I bother? I like who I like, and you can go like who you like.

    And for the record, what did JKS ever do to make you hate him so much now?
    Yes he smokes occasionally (like other people out there. I hate smoking, but I don’t hate people who smoke, well I just keep a distance from them. If you hate all smokers, you hate half the world. Anyway, that’s you and nothing to do with me)

    Yes, you don’t like his fashion style. We can explain till our last breath that our dear boy loves to have fun with fashion and dare to experiment, but you don’t like his style. Fine, full stop. Style is subjective and a matter of personal preference. I think that some of the fashion shown on international fashion catwalks are crazy too, but I don’t go spit out hateful comments at the models and fashion designers like some mad person. I spend time on what I like, and not what I dislike.

    But why do you have to HATE him? It’s his business what he’s wearing, you don’t like him now and you can choose to behave like a well-mannered person, quit supporting him and stay away. No one’s forcing you to look. Or you can continue spewing your hatred all over the internet, but repeat, since this is my blog, NO rudeness, disrespect, personal attack and name-calling.

    • Well said Ivy, thanks for that.

      Really to the people who hates JKS, you know I don’t agree with you but I understand that people in the world have different opinion about certain people and certain thing, is ok to have different opinion but IT”S NOT OK that if you hate Jang Keun Suk and come to Jang Keun Suk fan blog to keep slandering and insulting him. It is not necessary and it is not welcome! Please leave and THANK YOU.

    • Thanks a lot Aphrael! You have expressed it all. I have been observing this person many times, how she slandered Sukkie and the rest of the EELS. What you have said is not only for her but also for the rest of antis who would just randomly swoop in this blog and showed their rudeness.

  8. Well said Aphrael!
    Here is a quote from Laurence Sterne:
    “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”

  9. It is fine and normal for fans to leave him. He is well aware that fans will choose to leave him someday. But if you considered yourself an eel, and not just a drama fan, i would say leave quietly. Show some basic respect for someone you claimed to love. Like what he said in his documentary, he is not a robot, please don’t expect him to live the way you expect him to be just because you want him to follow the normal norm.

    I just find it weird that why fans always claim that they hate him because of his style and that he smokes. He has been smoking for so many years, definitely before You’re beautiful, Beethoven Virus. So why has it come as a surprise for so many so called eels?

  10. O my God! past days ago I could not open this that’s why I don’t know what had happened between eels who keep fighting to the person who hated prince Jang,I’m not an eel members but I really love JKS with all my heart his the only star in the heaven that I always follow and love,and this is the first time I read a comment who hated JKS so much, though I heard many bad comments but I never read like this to KRIS I understand how you feel toward JKS you only open up what is in your mind and I truly respect you for that cause we have a freedom to do things we wanna do, but don’t forget if you really a true person who have heart and mind you will know what is the difference between right and wrong,remember that though tounge has no bones but when it started to talk it can affect heart more than 10 times stab wound and every words came from your mouth begins in a big war between loyal and disloyal eel.Kris I know that you are only true to yourself but I’m asking you this, you said previously you love JKS but because of his personality now you stopped loved him, what is the most important on you the out side looks or the the inner looks? Kris if you really love a person do you really need his good looking looks to make you proud of him? beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, pretty dress make up to use or accessories to wear but it’s about having a pretty mind. a kind heart and keep most Kris having a pretty soul.If you don’t like JKS any more leave him with peace of mind don’t waste your time to get war to his loyal eels fans be cool and relax cause the wringkles will show your face now hehehe smile be happy Kris don’t be angry remember God’s love you.To the loyal eels I know that you we both really hurt for what Kris said but all we have to do is to understand that’s her opinion if we keep on fighting those anti eels for me is not good because I believe that they doing this because they needs an attention right? so eels let the anti eels knows that we never affected what ever they wanted to do and no matter how they critisize our prince, a “REAL EELS STAY FAITHFUL NO MATTER WHAT JKS DO FOR THE BETTER OR WORSE OF HIS LIFE TRUE EELS WILL BE WITH HIM AND THEY DON’T HAVE TIME TO LOOK FOR OTHER STARS IN HEAVEN BECAUSE REAL EELS ARE BUSY LOOKING FOR A NEW WAYS TO MAKE HIS STAR BE BRIGHTEST AMONG ALL STARS IN THE SKY” GO EELS don’t mind Kris said smile and be always be happy

  11. To Aphrael.. Thank you for your stern warning. I admit when I read her post, I was hurt. Feels like it was directed to me. And me, oh my gosh! I can’t say more for her, just like what you’ve said, no need to. Actually, I keep on visiting and reading this blog almost everyday since 2011 to get updates about my love artist JGS 🙂 though I don’t leave comments often. I sincerely thank you (Ivy), Tenshi – Kaori and the rest of your teams for keeping up and giving updates on this nice, warm and happy blog. :)From my heart, thank you very much. 🙂 But as we all know, this is the world, the real world we live in, each of us have differences (different – opinion, likes, dislikes, wants, preferences). I just want to share that for me, I accept and love JGS in his entirety. No ifs, no buts, whatever he is now, whatever he will be tomorrow. I’m with him endlessly with no boundaries. Thank you again… 🙂 God bless! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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