[Video] Team H 2013 Japan Tour Ad in Shibuya

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Hi, I’m Jang Keun Suk. You know what Team H 2013 amazing project. Our new album will be released! And also, we’ll tour Japan, starting from Hiroshima, Kobe, Sapporo until Chiba. Please come and join us. Let’s party!

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3 thoughts on “[Video] Team H 2013 Japan Tour Ad in Shibuya”

  1. Hello Jang! I am genie, wish that you can also come to the Philippines to let the Filipinos knows how really good you are and deserving to be the Asian prince and somehow you will be a world prince.I believe that you have many followers here and I know that they wanted to meet you in person please come to our country,

  2. Filipinos is really love party and I believe that when you come in Philippines you will not regrets I’m sure your fans here will be happy and enjoy, you and Team H will be a good combination I have faith that your new album will be a big hits all over Asia and other countries, Good luck!


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