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Jang Keun Suk, who keeps evolving, “Asian Prince”
On the final stage of Asia Tour which attracted 160,000 audience in tatal, Jang Keun Suk, or Keun-chan, sang to fans filled the venue without showing any signs of tiredness till the end.

“Keun-chan~!” There are a lot of cheers to him throughout the venue. “Asian Prince” celebrated his self-produced tour “The CRI SHOW2” final at Saitama Super Arena. He appeared on the stage with plumed hat and decorative costume. After singing the first song, he utters, “I want to eat Kabayaki (grilled eel)~!” Keun−chan’s favorite food is eels so that he calls his fans “eels” with love.

When he talks between songs, of course, he does in Japanese, which he is good at. When he asks to the audience, “Anyone attended last night~?”, many replied, “I did!” Hearing the answer, he said with mischievous smile, “Really!? OK, then, you need another episode today…”

Most songs are from his first album “Just Crazy”. He sings “In my dream” with playing a guitar. Then, he, wearing a tank, sings and dances energetically with dancers. Like this, his performance is ever-changing. In the encore, he appeared as Team H, dance music unit with his friend, Big Brother. He, wearing shorts, was running around the stage and sang new songs.

Hearing his saying “I’ll be back next year with CRI SHOW3! Please look forward to it”, the audience became on fire. Keun-chan always keeps trying a new challenge. What kind of him will he show us?

tenshi_akuma’s note: Below pics are from another news, but the same ones are used in this magazine. I tried to use the original pics, but the quality was’t good enough…
“Welcome to my magic world, eels~! How have you been? I missed you so much. As you eels give your heart, additional encore concert was realized.”

“Eels are… my precious”.
“Today is the final day. I’ll do my best to make a beautiful memory.”

“Even when I get older like a grandfather, I want to hold concert with you!!”

This is the original magazine pages…
This article was on the magazine for well-educated women who are getting old beautifully. Below is the cover of this issue. I’m happy he appeared on this magazine : )

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  1. Thanks Tenshi! It was a heartwarming article! Reading Prince words are always touching… Forever Zikzin Prince~ \(*O*)/

  2. Thanks for translating the article tenshi_akuma, it’s always nice to read our Prince’s sweet words to his eels.

    I hope 2013 is his most successful Cri-show yet!

  3. That was one of the attitude of JKS I really like, he always makes his fans be happy and enjoy during his show.He did not show his tiredness he so energetic and he did his best to make the show beautiful and he always show thanks to his fans and let his fans how precious they are to him, I just hope that he always in good health so that he can always do a lot of things specially during his concert.And I would like to thanks to tenshi for being always there every time JKS has an article that needs to translate to make us to understand, thank you thank you

  4. Be in such a magazine is a good thing…
    getting attention in “this magazine for well-educated women who are getting old beautifully” shows off his diversity and powers of attractions


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