5 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS wrapping bus with Tree-J building”

  1. Looks good..such a huge Christmas present for his 20th Anniversary
    The Japanese eels are awesome..

    Must be really cold in Seoul…It had been snowing..
    Dress warm!!

  2. Oh my heart, only few more days the ending of 2012, the gifts from eels keep coming to Sukkie!!! Sukkie is being spoiled by EELs….kekeke

    Well, eels, let’s prepare ourselves to celebrate next year 2013 as the beginning of new era, World Prince and World eels. Are you ready!! Jyo~Zikzin to the World!!!

  3. Hope that Jang Keun Suk Bus will coming to Philippiness to let Filipino people that my beautiful sky really beautiful and deserving to be the world prince though I’m not a memeber any fans club but I can still support him in my own ways JKS is my sky and I can follow his brightest light when ever where he is I believe in him more that I believe myself that he can acchieve all he desire of his heart goodluck to my JKS as my Sky for this coming years cause I know more trials will he face hope he can still stand no matter what I believe him that he more much stronger now that before remember I will be with you always more than what your fans did to you


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