[Pics] Wrapping bus for JKS 20th anniversary from Japanese eels

Another celebration ad for JKS 20th anniversary. This was given from Japanese eels. This wrapping bus runs in Korea for one months from Dec. 24th, 2012. During the first two weeks, it runs on Gangnam and Apgujeong Rodeo Drive course. During the last two weeks, it runs on Myeongdong area. I heard this image was drawn by a Japanese eel artist, moniy. Any surprise continues??

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English translation: sa_sha26
Tomorrow(12/25) the bus will depart from Shinsa Station.. Apgujeong Rodeo-to the Gangnam Station direction- Yangjae Station neighborhood (circulating) – Is expected to go along the Gangnam University route, Start 9am, close 6pm. The bus will be operating for 8 hours. It’s been operating since 8am today(12/24).
@soillu 내일(12/25)신사역출발.. 압구정로데오-강남역방향-양재역근방 순환 -강남대로 식으로 경로를이동할 예정이며, Start9:00-Close18:00로 8시간정도 운행함. 오늘(12/24)는 8:00부터 운행하심.

English translation of words on the bus: Hazy
Body of bus: in the coming days, no matter what, you must shine brightly. we promise that even after 20 years, we will still shine together with you, our love for you will never change. love from Japanese eels
Back of body: all in South Korea who has provided us support in the earthquake last year, thank you for your support, bcoz of that, you gave us the strength again, by Japanese eels

10 thoughts on “[Pics] Wrapping bus for JKS 20th anniversary from Japanese eels”

  1. It’s beautiful….guess it will be a busy route with all eels wanting to travel on it..
    Even without another surprise…he and the world must get the message…he’s World Prince..Zikzin

  2. wow, so many efforts put in by eels all over the world to celebrate his 20th anniversary. They just keep pouring in. Great job!

    It is a pity JKS has been very silent this period. In the past, he would be tweeting the moment he heard about any news. Still, eels love him and we know that even if he says nothing, he is aware and he definitely appreciates his fans’ effort.

    Everyone, Merry Xmas!

  3. i would love to ride that bus!!! EELS are really amazing!!!
    a perfect way to end Prince JKS’s 20th Anniverasary and then towards the new era!

  4. Wow, really striking design… sure to get lots of notice in that area I would think as well. I wonder how many Eels will go out of their way to ride the Jang Keun Suk bus?
    I know if I was in Seoul I would want to! And I bet they would want to have their photo taken with it. And quite frankly I would go humming this song…
    “MY BUS”:

    Hm, I feel a re-watch coming on! LOL

  5. Oh my dear might LORD, I have been crying with happiness almost everyday with all the loving and giving gifts eels show to JKS. Every projects or events, big or small, are all beautiful and meaningful…

    What’s amazing me the most is…..eels are doing all those events without asking or hoping for anything in return….. eels are givings those gifts and surprises from the hearts.

    First time in my life, I witness FANS can do soooo much, show sooo much LOVE and go to great distance for one STAR. For a foreign STAR at that!! Awwwwe…

    EELs are AMAZING AND Phenomenon fans!!


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