18 thoughts on “[Pics+Video] Another human letters created by Japanese eels”

  1. The human letters are sooo surreal touching sight to see!! EELs can do anything for Sukkie!! Awwww….EELs are just too loyal sweet!!!

  2. eels around the world are always thinking of creating surprise for him. all because he mean so much to us, we wanted him to know.. eels will always be there! because he believe in us.. we will continue to hold on this special relationship.

  3. I like this so much,for me it was the better gift that the blue eels gave to him,more than the airship by the way was spectacular,but this are the eels in action,with their bodies and souls and this took time and discipline to made this.Tenshi, I posted a photo of the preparations of the human letter without the umbrellas in the pond, was ,was blue, its beautiful,maybe you cant see it yet, in case you want to post here for the new eels noticed how big is the love of the japanise els for him, in that photo you can saw the effort they did to did the human letter.I want to share part of my poem I wrote to them in the pond:
    He arrived at Japan
    the blue eels recieved him
    I love those shouts and screams
    they announce that coming the prince.
    The eels made some preparations
    to celebrate the last shows
    they wanted to surprise him
    oh my God,they did a lot.
    The day of the firts oncert arrive
    they did a paper planes
    they throw up at him at the stage
    and he sent it back to them
    but first he touched and kiss them.
    The second day arrived
    and they present colored globes
    with twenty anniversary thoughts
    this girls amazing us.
    The final concert arrived
    oh,what emotional night
    a human letters appears
    and a big white airship
    leaved him in tears.by Ether C.
    The photos of this gift are in the media now,so you can se it,thanks Tenshi,i know you still in heaven for be part of this,but when you come back,read this please.

  4. Japanese eels are always sooooo creative! Prince is really fortunate & blessed with these awesome act of love! Thank you Japan for your sincerity and effort! This could be the largest, most visual stunning words ever created from fans to an artiste. Soooo proud of the participants! You are FANtastic!

  5. Wow, using red and yellow umbrellas to create an incredible sight is simply awesome! Great job, Blue Eels! What an unexpected surprise for JKS. Makes me wonder, is there going to be another big surprise in store for Prince from other eels elsewhere?


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