[News] Korean eels presented radio ads for JKS 20th anniversary

UPDATE: replaced the previous video with the video with time table
From Dec. 1st to 31st, Korean eels has given Jang Keun Suk a surprise message advertisement on radio. You can hear the content from the video below.

Credits: shockingangel o
Text translation: tenshi_akuma

Jang Keun Suk keeps running to his dream, believing that cordiality will get across eventually. “(JKS) I’m going to fly higher to my new dream!” Your fans will be your strong wings and support you continuously. Congratulations on Jang Keun Suk debut 20th anniversary. “(Fans) Congratulations!”

9 thoughts on “[News] Korean eels presented radio ads for JKS 20th anniversary”

  1. Thank you Korean eels for always supporting our Prince in whatever ways you can. I love all eels, from all over the world. I love eels united hearts and bonded friendship!!!

    Yeppp….so true!!!! EELs will always be with JKS, giving him energy and being his strong wings beneath his success!!!

    EELs, Lets fly higher together with Sukkie to challenge for his next dream, to conquer the World!!! Fighting!! Zikzin!!!!

  2. Great Red eels. Love all eels that give so much support to our Prince. I’m so proud to be part of this, I’m so proud to be an eel.

  3. Eels are awesome just like their master! I hope the best of success to all upcoming eels projects!We are with you JKS! We will work as hard as you! Let’s walk together!! Jyo Zikzin !!!!

  4. wow!! korean eels zikzin!!! Im always moved seeing him getting so much support in Korea.. because we know, is good to get the same recognition from your own country man.. JKS You are the best!! the Korea wave is coming near you soon.. We know, because we always believe so.. Just believe, and you will see it coming!! Because you have eels.. we will see it through with you till the day.. you will need 20 securities with thousands of eels waiting for you at the airport for each and every return. WHY NOT~“


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