9 thoughts on “[Trailer] Love Rain special making film DVD (2)”

  1. Sale in malaysia too or only for korea sale?????
    Realy sad if only sale in korea wanna buy this nd the OST love rain limmited :'(

  2. Awwww….I love love love their contagious genuine laughs!!!! This drama is a SAD drama…but behind the scenes are full of smiles and laughters.

    I have to have this BTS!!!!

  3. please…what is song? (4:01)…pleaseeeeeeeeee!…thanks eels.
    oooh!..awesome awesome. they are a pair with very many chemistry together :D. Yoona and Jang Geun Suk have good synchronization when they are applauding. lol, so nice couple!.
    …Yoona and Jang Geun suk’s laughs/smile are so sweet, nice, cute, sincere, brightest and adorables.
    they are a beautiful and perfect couple! ^___________^ thaaaaaaaaaanks. I love BTS.

    Sarang Bi :D.

  4. I don’t stop laugh and smile! they are the funniest and prettiest couple! really they are brightest couple.I hope to see them in a new movie of comedy, romance and action. They are the best actors.
    good job yoonsukkie, honestly___good job!.Yoonsukkie’s BTS are the greatest and awesome. I am —> replay replay replay replay YoonSukkie’s bts. the BTS is amazing!
    +++ +++ thanks blog jangkeunsukforever +++ +++


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