[30.11.2012] CRI-J staff twitter

Actor Jang returned safely after the final CRI SHOW2~ We present him this commemorative trophy to celebrate the success of 2012 Asia Tour held in the most shining year!! Thanks for eels’ participation of the airport event *_*
장배우가 마지막 크리쇼공연을 무사히 마치고 돌아왔습니다~ 다른 어떤해보다 밝게 빛났던 2012 아시아투어의 성공을 축하하며, 기념트로피를 전달하였어요~!! 공항이벵에 참여해주신 장어님들 감사합니다*_*

4 thoughts on “[30.11.2012] CRI-J staff twitter”

  1. WOW!! a warm welcome to prince for coming back home, completing his cri show 2 in 2012!! Congrats.. Im always feeling moved seeing him getting a warm reception in Korea.. because we know, is good to get the same recognition from your own country man.. JKS You are the best!! the Korea wave is coming near you soon.. We know, because we always believe so.. Just believe, and you will see it coming!! Because you have eels.. we will see it through with you till the day.. you will need 20 securities with thousands of eels waiting for you at the airport for each and every return.. We all know you are made in Korea and you are proud of it!!

  2. Love the star…reminds me of YAB then, when he’s a star only in his character.
    But now, he is a real STAR indeed!
    Congrat Prince!! No other deserves it more…


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