[Notice] We stop sharing MIN and cherry’s twitter in public

As some might have already known the fact, JKS’ two of three guaridan angels (Tree-J staff), MIN and cherry, changed their settings of Twitter a while ago. Now only their followers can read their tweets. That means they don’t want to tweet openly any more. We’re not sure what happened to them, but the fact is they don’t want to allow everyone to access and read their tweets any more.

I found an eel asked cherry if it’s ok to translate their tweets and share on the internet. She didn’t answer the question directly, but said somethig like as follows: “It might be sad not to be translated (It sounds she has personally appreciated such translations.), but still I can’t stop changing the privacy settings. And I refuse the application to be my followers. If you don’t like, please unfollow me. I’m sorry friends, but I love you…”

We appreciate their continuous supports to Jang Keun Suk, and just want to respect their wishes. That’s why we stop sharing MIN and cherry’s tweets as long as they change their settings to open access. Sorry eels, but please understand the situation. Thank you.