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  1. I fall in love in their chemistry. ..omg kisses♥♥♥…so real!.
    I hope that JGS and YoonA will fall in love in real life ^^ JGS is my favourite actor and Yoona,she is one of my favourite actress, top-model, m.c, dancer and singer. The chemistry between JGS and YoonA is so good and totally so close each other!.
    thanks for video!…yeaaaaaaah!..this is so funny and great. thanks.
    from It.

  2. I have no words to explain how much I love “love rain” drama and Yoonsukki couple. I can say that I am addicted to it. I wish Im Yoon Ah and Jang Keun Seok will be together.

    oh my god! Jang Keun Seok and Im Yoon Ah are a romantic, lovely, funny, talented, close and happiness couple. I ♡ the actors, Jang keun seok handsome and Im Yoon Ah really beautiful.
    ..please!..sub sub !..please:).

    ♡ They have so intense and hot kisses ♡

  3. hahaha lol god ..this is so good!…i will give LOVE RAIN especial making film 10…very nice all. I could’t stop to watch it and listen to the songs. I have to watch it every day. I wish that they’ll play more dramas every year. Yoon Ah is so beautiful, flawless, gorgeous, fun, intelligent, charm and the best actress, obviusly, Geun Suk is so handsome, nice, fun, charm and the best actor.
    they should win a lot awards, …they are AMAZING ACTORS AND ARTISTS!…

    –Pd.This drama has the best kissing scene, because they don’t only touch the lips of each other like in their other dramas. here in love rain, They kiss each other so that it looks real and that’s what I like about it the most. lol ;). fighting – Yoonsukki!

  4. Ah…Makes me want to watch it again now. I laughed at the I’m cold as he runs away when filming the rain scene. He really doesn’t like being cold, but I guess who really does. Thanks for this video!

  5. I’m a rookie fanboy of love Rain, but, really I like “love Rain” and I think they are the best actors of Asia.
    Enjoyment watching this love rain special making film, this is so hilarious and cool. Thanks You, they are great together!!!…Love rain is the best korean drama, The chemistry between JGS and YoonA are PHENOMENAL, they give come so naturally! Definitely one of my favourite couples of all korean dramas, their emotional scenes were very well delivered….Jang Geun Suk played amazingly, He is such a great actor and famous artist. I respect him. I really like yoona here and in her famous drama “You’re my destiny” where obtained hightest ratings 51%. i think she can step up to much more challenging roles. I like her ability to build chemistry with others actors. I fell in love YoonA, she is the sexiest, prettiest, adorable and talented co-star or star-idol. I love her smile. I’d like to meet YoonA.
    Finalizing, they did a very good job acting together. congratulation to both!. I hope watch more new korean dramas of both stars.

    Thanks for letting me comment. Greetings to Eels.

    from Moscú.

    • Yup! They really work very hard. Did you see the BTS for the drunken kiss and the kissing scene in the fountain… OMG hahahahah seems parehong kinilig yung dalawa hahhahha…

      O musta na? Did you here this other voting session again? Hahahaah it was my 9 year old niece who told me when I woke up this morning and told me that we will vote again hahahah. And futher said we will not Jang Keun Suk be down. Adik mana sa Tita hahahahahha

      • ..oo meron sa best of korea hottest male ata yun although ang ilan sa mga kasamahang eels natin sa ECI medyo ayaw na nilang vote kasi sa may mga panyayaring naganap years ago with some eels and other fans of a certain actor… pero baka syempre may mga bomoboto rin sa best of korea ..ang di maganda ay di pala official tong voting na to…tapos sa fb may mga galit na fans LMH na nag akusa ng pandaraya daw ng eels kaya nanalo jks ..grabe!…pero may isa pang voting poll sa kbs naman kaya lang may mga requirements para makaboto….just keep on voting sis sabihan mo mga pamangkin mo huag ng pansinin ang chatroom…check ko rin yun later…

      • Hi Susan! Find mo sa facebook I Love Jang Keun Suk page. Makikita mo yung link sa yahoo yung Yahoo Buzz Awards for 2012. Sign with your yahoo user ID, then you can start voting. There are instructions how to vote.

    • Ay OO di dapat pansinin ang mga yun hahahaahh, at saka medyo mga bastusin ang mga yun… Those who said there was cheating cannot seem to imagine how plenty are the EELS all over the world hehehe…

  6. did yoona call him ‘huang tae kyung sshi’ when he approached her from the back at the bench? maybe yoona is also a fan of the mighty tae kyung? so sweet…..

  7. I thought this is the best romance korean drama for this year….Love both of you, Jang Geun Seok – Im Yoon Ah….^_^ Hwaiting!!!
    Why are you soooo cute! Even I couldn’t stop laughing towards my computer! This video made my day!

  8. Yoona is fresh faced and has a quiet beauty about her. She is elegant too no matter what she wears. And from the BTS, I can see that she’s sweet, intelligent and nice. Think she and Jang Keun Suk did a real lovelier couple. The best couple.
    thanks for video!..it’s so cool!.

  9. Thanks.. Love Rain is still the best Kdrama with Best Couple ..for me… Never have enough watching this drama again and again… 사랑비…!!

  10. He looks like a playboy or flirting with girls type but I guess he is acting only.
    JGS is a professional artist who immerses himself totally in any role.
    Well done JKS !

  11. maybe it fells that way because Sukkie & Yoona acted so naturally that watching them you can fell deep emotions on each other wooooooooooow…seems so real couple and romance.
    oppa sukki was sucking her lips. OMG! good and real kiss!!! I still enjoy the kissing scene of love rain..4ever 😉 ^^. they are so close ♥♥. I wanna watch more BTS/ NG of Yoona and sukki together ;)….they are a natural couple.
    I love their smile..so cuteeeeeees!…. ♥ Angel Yoona + Angel Sukki ♥

  12. If they are couple in real life. Congratulation!
    If not, he will be in” hot soup”. No girls want to go near him anymore.
    Anyway he always say I do not have girlfriend for 3 years,
    Is time to think about it and get marry before age 30, that’s his plan especially now that he is so rich and famous.

  13. Everybody is only interested the Hot kiss. No wonder the rating is one of the lowest in 2012.
    JKS is handsome Yonna is pretty and director Yoon Seok Ho helmed South Korea classics Winter Sonata.
    All the three are famous yet they don’t know why the rating is so low especially in Korea.

    • actually the review is very good in many countries not because of the kiss but because it is a simple drama of love & emotion which we can’t find now in many dramas which are either too historical or time travel or scheming which many dramas are showing these days.. many love the simple love stories which we have missed in the 70s-80s.. no special effect and if you observe closely, even the growing & changes seen in the characters in the 2012.. In fact, I have got 2 DVDs of this drama (a Korean version and a Chinese version) just to share with my family, such a classic.. it really doesn’t matter the rating in Korea as most of the best drama I have seen have low rating in Korea whereas those have good rating in Korea may not do that well overseas ^_^
      YAB is another good example.

    • HONESTLY, LOVE RAIN IS Nº1 IN JAPAN, CHINA, TAIWAN, THAILAND, etc…and countries in North America, Latin America and Europe, beside, Love Rain was sold to twelve countries, was sold at the highest price in history of all k-dramas.

      Love Rain have the best professional:

      * Director Yoon Suk Ho : “the most famous director for drama and filme”. He was the director of four TV series produced by KBS that are sometimes collectively referred to as Endless Love, each containing the name of one of the four seasons in its title. The series were immensely popular throughout Asia, especially Winter Sonata, and intensified a surge in popularity of Korean popular culture known as Hallyu, or the Korean Wave.
      * Actor Jang Geun suk: “one the best actor in Korea and the most popular in japan” with his most successful dramas that gave him a average ratinks of 21%, which are: Beethoven Virus (MBC, 2008), Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2008) and Hwang Jin Yi (KBS2, 2006) and his most successful movie was Baby And Me (2008). Jang Geun Suk is known for its large and diverse experience in dramas and movies. The professional critics drama always praise him for his excellent performance. many divas like Jang geun suk.
      * Actress Yoona: “one the best actress idol in korea and the most popular in korea and the world”, She is known as a rookie actress, for her short experience in acting, but The professional critics drama praise her for her great artistic potential in performance/acting. Yoona is the one/ unique actress who despite being rookie obtained the highest ratings in the history of the drama in korea, his drama “You’re My Destiny” obtained the highest ratings passing the 41.5%, Yoona won many awards for her good performance/acting. Actually, Yoona is the idol with the biggest fan-base of korea. many korean people like Yoona. YoonA is type ideal girl of many K-star idols.

      but, I don’t understand why the rating was so low in korea,just korea and why many korean people don`t like jang keun suk? :'(, If, Jang Geun suk is one the most talented k-star and the most famous in japan 🙂 and YoonA is one the most versatile k-star-idol and she is known as the most popular K-star in korea and the world (Gallup/MNet Ranking 2010, 2011 and 2012) :). I don’t understand, because the rating was so low, just in korea. :(.

      The drama is very good. I thought this drama was great! The story line, the actors, the scenery, the music-OST, etc.. Breathtaking cinematography, excellent director, amazing actors, beautiful OST, great plot, so different from the recent korean dramas, reminds me of the sweet, simple and pure love like autumn in my heart and winter sonata time, but I deep fall in love with “YoonA and Jang Geun suk” and the story from the 1, 2, 3… scene,. So I really love this drama. YoonA and Jang geun Suk were/are getting praised by Korean media for their acting in this drama. I read that “one of the factors this drama get a low rating is -Jealousy- of their fanboys, fangirls and …korean people” and “the first chapters were very slow”. I think korean people must be given some more time to see every episode of love rain and rediscover how wonderful project.

      Sincerelly, We just love this AMAZING, BRILLIANT, CLEVER, FANTASTIC and MAGNIFIQUE drama! .. LOVE RAIN is a unique and different drama from other korean dramas. LOVE RAIN always will be THE BEST K-drama of all time.
      Saranghae Sarangbi!!!

    • love rain just in korea was low rating, because in other countries has the highest ratings. love rain won first place in ratings in other countries. the most succesfull drama of oppa sukki are: Hwang Jin Yi, Hong Gil Dong and Beethoven Virus…but, Love rain is succesfull in the world: “the continets of Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America love “love Rain”…”. his most popular dramas are: “You’re Beautiful” in Asia and “Love Rain” in the world. his most popular movie is ” baby and I”in the world.

      but, the lowest ratings of drama in korea are:
      this year, 2012 – KBS2: the lowest is “Geokjeongma Seyo, Gwisinibnida / Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost” by Par shin Hye and Bong Tae Kyu…with 3.9%
      2011 – FTV: the lowest is “Hayate the Combat Butler” by Par shin Hye and George Hu… with 1.1%.
      2011 – MBC: one the lowest is ” Heartstrings / You’re Into Me / You’ve Fallen For Me” by Par shin Hye and yoonghwa with 5.1%.
      ..I’m sorry, but, actress Par shin Hye always has the lowest ratings in all her dramas. I don`t’ understand, If, she is a good and old actress, but, always her projects has the lowest ratings. poor Par shin Hye. I’m sorry for her, but this is true.

      but our oppa Sukki is the best actor and Yoona is the best actress-idol, oppa sukki with Yoona are one the most attractive and popular couple in the world (Global Survey 2012)!. this year oppa sukki increase his fans with more of 3 million. yeah! ^^ .and growing his popularity to the international level (Europe, Latin-america and north-America). he’s amazing!.

  14. QQeyes007,

    You say :- it really doesn’t matter the rating in Korea as most of the best drama I have seen have low rating in Korea whereas those have good rating in Korea may not do that well overseas ^_^ YAB is another good example.
    Rating is like our school report card and working is our performance appraisal. It is for recognition. It is important, at long as the rating is around 10 is ok and not the lowest. Rating help them to get awards and of course job satisfaction and monetary rewards

    Yonna said – It would be a lie to say that ratings don’t bother me.

    What us troubling JGS -love Rain. One thing that I really want to say is…I wish people didn’t give me the pressure by always expecting me to achieve success. I know that there have been a lot of talks about the poor ratings, but I am only 26 years old. Do I have to obtain everything? I think that I’m at the stage where I can experiment and experience failures.

    Did you see in the fan meeting, he doesn’t really smile ? Even the director apologise to the actors, therefore they admit something is not right. If both of them will to act again and with this kind of rating, they will be out of job.

    On the other hand YAB,

    PSH said YAB change my life and JKS said YAB which made me exceeded Korea, let the world know an actor named Jang Keun Suk.
    Because of YAB his dream concert Tokyo Dome was very successful.

    YAB was air at the same time as our big boy IRIS, A billion $ project against a million $ project, there is no fight!! but they do grab some vote from there. if my information is correctly IRIS expect a 40+ rating but they only manage a 20+ rating which is very disappointing. On the hand all the four actors/actress are totally new faces yet they gain viewer from age 20+ to age 50+ which will quite surprise. They also gain their popularity YAB help JKS to get some awards too.

    This is my opinion only and all the information I gather from internet is correct

    • Just passing by,

      To tell you the true, rating in Korea really doesn’t matter many fans at all as many of us don’t access the rating of in Korea.. it is how the individual audience feel about the drama.. moreover, the rating only applies to TV viewers and many young & internet generation audience watch the drama over internet, DVD or cable TV.. that is why TV rating is not important as it is not an accurate way to gauge the popularity of a drama as now there is more than one channel to view a drama.
      If you’re referring info from AllKpop, that is one site many of us have skipped as many have already notice always gives misleading info as you can see the even the title of the article on Love Rain is misleading to audience as it already assume something which is not true. Normally we source from different websites which reports reliable information, not from single source. Most reliable are subbed video clips from interviews.
      many of the fans of Love Rain have watched many subbed vids on Love Rain press conference & interviews. In fact, in past articles shown in this blog has shown so many articles on the feedback by viewers. I have seen also many good feedback from Chinese website on Love Rain.
      Basically, I would like to highlight that TV rating in Korea really have not impact to overseas viewers e.g. futuristic & time travel drama may not be a taste for some oversea viewers as many have exposure to similar kind of dramas already even in they own countries with good production (e.g. China/HK or Japan). E.g. I didn’t complete action dramas like IRIS, City Hunter etc. as I tend to skip after watching a few episodes and I prefer comedy romance like YAB & MMM which I can enjoy & relax during my free time, thus, this is really my personal preference. I have repeated these dramas many times partly and thus, I have got also the DVDs to keep for many of these dramas I like.
      Actually, it is not YAB which made Tokyo Dome successful for Jang Keun Suk. I have been to 3 of his concerts (one in S’pore and 2 overseas) and I have to say as an eel fan of Sukkie and the reason why I love going to his concert is because he really sings very well (Thanks to Youtube I can see some of this live concert clip that makes me want to watch him live at concert) and his charm on stage will make many of his eels to follow him even his concerts are overseas.
      To understand why he is successful as he is today, the best is you can hear from of the feedback not from eels but from those people in entertainment line and people who work closely with him.. or you can watch this 1 hour documentary done by KBS (eng subbed) on JKS.. and also the TBS (Japan) documentary of JKS (eng subbed) – they follow Sukkie for 3 months to film these documentary and broadcasted early this year. (refer to Video Link in above menu for those info)

    • JJ.
      I went to Sukkie’s concert last year 2011 Cri show.. it was held at Cultural Centre at National University of S’pore..I went with my sister who is also a fan ^_^ Too bad he was not here this year so many of the eels in S’pore when overseas.. we went to Taipei and Shenzhen.. especially Shenzhen we met many international eels whom we knew in ECI and also made many new eel friends.. a bonding time for eels.. Oh yes, this is a vid of Sukkie in S’pore Cri show 2011 which I have attended last year.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSCDAFXDvIo

  15. everyday, replay replay replay …this video!..I’m crazy for this couple and video…omg^^..really the most beauty and nice pair ♥SukNa = Jang Geun Suk and Yoon Ah♥. I love this video, thaaaaaaaaaaaanks!
    Jang Geun Suk is so handsonme and great actor, & Im Yoon Ah is so beautiful and great actress. They are a perfect match. very very very nice couple and drama.
    The world love “sarangi bi = love Rain = SukNa”.


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