[Video] BTS of Mitsui Sumitomo Prepaid Card CF (w/ text translation)

English text translation (interview part): tenshi_akuma

Q: What do you think about you were selected as the CF image character of Korea Travel Prepaid Card?
A: Mitsui Sumitomo is a Japanese financial company. So I must become a trustworthy person. I need such an image. Through shooting CF, I want the staff to feel Jang Keun Suk is such a trustworthy guy.

Q: What do you always take on your trip?
A: Passport. Lol. Of course, I need my passport and… credit card, too. Lol. Indeed, credit cards are always necessary. When shopping in Japan as far, I used Korean credit card. But from now, I’m going to have Mitsui Sumitomo credit card and use it for eating or shopping.

Q: What do you think is useful while traveling?
A: While traveling, needless to say, passport is necessary. And Mitsui Sumitomo Travel Prepaid Card with Keun-chan’s face is the most necessary. I recommend it to you! Because I’m on it.

Q: Please leave your message to viewers!
A: Hello, I’m Jang Keun Suk from Korea. I’m very happy to appear on Mitsui Sumitomo CF. From now, when you visit Korea, please enjoy with Travel Prepaid Card with Keun-can’s face. I’m waiting for you in Korea.

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