[News] Jang Keun Suk 2013 Official Calendar will go on sale in Japan

Credits: Frau International
Special pre-order website: http://www.frau-inter.co.jp/sp/jks-calendar2013/

A 25-year-old man… what did he feel and think there?

Cutting his “present” self.
A complete edition of exclusive photograph calendar.

At the end of September, he went to Berlin, Germany for shooting his calendar
to wrap up his commemorative 20th anniversary of his debut.
Even the shooting was done in the midst of his challenging ASIA TOUR,
he approached the shooting with extraordinary enthusiasm.

— What can I convey through this calendar?
— What am I asked for?

This calendar is a culmination of his 20 years.
You’ll feel his message, who always keeps going forward, through photographs.

— Are you happy now?

* Special favor 1: Exclusive photos are used in both wall calendar and desk calendar.
Each calendar uses different photos, so you can feel his “present” self whatever you see.
Wall calendar includes 13 photos. Desk calendar includes 25 photos.
They are not overlapped.

* Special favor 2: Calendar with making videos for the shooting
If you have smart phones or tablets, you can access exclusive videos any time!
Download the special application, then hold it over the calendar (with AR marker).
You can enjoy watching different videos every month.
The special video varies every month, but they are the same included in wall / desk calendar.

*Special favor 3: A card calender will be given for buying a set of calenders.
When you buy both calendars (wall / desk calendar) at the same time,
you’ll get a specia card calendar used unseen photos.

The calendars will go on sale on December 10th.
* WALL CALENDAR (40cm * 30cm, 13 photos including the cover photo) 3,500 yen (incl. tax)
* DESK CALENDAR (24cm * 18cm, 25 photos including the cover photo) 3,500 yen (incl. tax)

Now they are only available for Japan domestic shipping, but like 2012 official calendars, we’re sure they’ll be available in other countries. When we get the info, we’ll share it soon. Please wait for a while!

You can download the bigger size or without logo. Click the photos below! 🙂

6 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun Suk 2013 Official Calendar will go on sale in Japan”

  1. WOW!!! He looking super duper handsome and really sexy. Those eyes are killer eyes whether looking serious or smiling (smiling eyes). 😀

  2. The two sides of uri prince..!

    The fourth pic, so fresh face 🙂
    while in his black and white outfit he became mysterious and powerful guy.

    anyway, what kind of fruit in his hair???

  3. oh my…i love the photos !
    those eyes that captured me…aahh made my knees weak !

    i’ll be waiting for it’s availability online..hope it’ll be sooner !


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