[Video] Another “Just Crazy”recordings

Credits: 철호 최 (Choi Chul ho)
Text translation: tenshi_akuma
JKS: Let’s start from the first bar! You must know how to sing as you were listening how I sang for a long time.
Gun: Huh?
JKS: You must know how to sing as I sang it continuously.
Gun: Can’t I start to sing from the hook?
JKS: No. No. From the first bar. When singing this song, it’s important to have vibrations. Try to sing with vibrato!
Gun: Well, ok.
Staff: Where to start?
JKS: From the first bar. Let’s start. From the beginning.
Staff: Brighten up the room.
Gun: Well, I….
JKS: 1, 2, 3, 4…
Gun: Wait! Wait a sec.
JKS: (laugh)
Gun: Honesty I couldn’t listen to the first bar because I checked MV outside.
JKS: OK. Then, will you start from the hook?
Gun: Yes, from the hook. 
Gun: Wait! Wait. Wait. Wait a sec. Where is the lyrics? This?
JKS: Come on!
Gun: The lyrics.. Just a moment!
Staff: This is the part.
Staff: “Nandodemo~”Well, please rap the hook. Rap, please!
JKS: Vibrato! Vibrato!
JKS: Go out!

8 thoughts on “[Video] Another “Just Crazy”recordings”

  1. I’m laughing here as most eels would do as his managers are singing Sukkie’s song and the producer is sure a perfectionist like what buttercup has mentioned! ^_^
    Gunsama… a GREAT try but you make many eels smile with this again.. Thanks!

  2. They are all having soooooo much fun! JKS laughed many times and I am happy to see that there are all enjoying themselves! Work & play can be really fun too. Singing is not easy. Not many can sing well! Prince definately can & hv sang well! ^_^ kkkkkk like this vid!

  3. TX for the translation, wasn’t expecting it..btw, just read the thorough bazaar interview in Chinese, was awesome, hope to have it in English so the rest can read it.

  4. Haaaaa I am
    Laughing none stop ..What Chakama ???? Gunsama. Reli did a great try but still make us smiling ..haaa


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