[News] JKS Documentary on KBS-TV will be released in Japan

JKS’ documentary broadcast on KBS2 (Korea) on Jan. 2nd, 2012 will be released as DVD and Blu-ray in Japan. The expected release date is December 26th, 2012. It includes his long interview and BTS of arena tours, “Love Rain”, his campus life. Plus, a set of five postcards, and a 32-page photobook. Only Blu-ray includes JKS’ comments about seeing interview of his friends and staff. Can’t wait for English-subbed version!


You can watch KBS2 documentary version from Video Links.

11 thoughts on “[News] JKS Documentary on KBS-TV will be released in Japan”

  1. wow !!! Japanese eels are indeed lucky ! I know i wouldn’t waste time getting my hands on that DVD @ Blue Ray. (is there any possibility for online purchase ?)Enlighten me , but does that cover book comes with the DVD or was it the BTS footage for the cover book that were included ? 🙂 I bet it would be really interesting hearing what his friends have to say about him, and what he have to say about them too ! Admins, again..thanks for sharing !

  2. i’ve watched the documentary before…it’s so interesting…i hope they will also come out in english subbed version..
    thanks for sharing !

  3. I’ve watched this documentary on u-tube (English subbed) a couple of months ago and I like it a lot.. It explains well why million of people love and support Jang Keun Suk…worldwide..

  4. wow Hwang Tae Kyung is here. I miss the character…. other pics are nice too. but who was the guy hugging him from the back? the prince looks so relax with him.


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