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[Exclusive interview]
Prince of the World

We interviewed with “World Prince” in Seoul! He was relaxed probably because the interview took place in his hometown. During shooting photos, he sang songs for us and unveiled a secret for the first time… We succeeded to catch his real self not shown in Tokyo.

My next goal is to be “World Prince”. Once I have declared , I will make my dream reality.

This shooting was held at a studio in Seoul. Keun Suk who himself drove his car to the shooting location seemed more relaxed than usual. “I feel most comfortable when I’m driving a car alone. Except this, I’m obsessed with work. It might be driving a car is the only time when I feel free without thinking”.

About 2 years has passed since he became super popular after appearing on ‘You Are Beautiful’. Since then, he’s kept running tirelessly. His latest drama is ‘Love Rain’. He played a double role, In Ha, art student in 1970s and Jun, his son, today. “It was quite a fun to play completely different roles in one drama. Since my childhood I’ve been a big fan of Director Yoon Seok-Ho’s drama ‘Color’. So I was happy to work with him”.

As it is a love story, there are a lot of kissing scenes in the drama. “I’ve enjoyed shooting kissing scenes because I haven’t kissed for a while. Lol. Was I nervous? I wasn’t at all. Because I have confidence. Lol. But I’ve always had complains about kissing scenes in dramas. I want to kiss more freely, but I can’t because of the shooting angle. As for kissing scenes, I prefer movies because I can kiss more realistically! Lol”… like this, his mischievous answers haven’t changed a bit. The big thing he’s changed since he first appeared on our cover one and a half years ago is the interview was conducted all in Japanese and perfectly. During shooting, he communicated with the photographer in English. On the other hand. he spoke to us in Japanese. His brightness really amazed us. “I am an actor, but I am a singer, too. I think knowing the meanings of the lyrics is totally different from without that. As long as I sing in Japanese, I must learn hard”.

Keun-suk is active as a singer, too. He is currently in the midst of arena tour. He’s directed the stage since the producution this time. “It’s not in my nature to leave the production to other people. Of course, when acting, it’s necessary to create with other actors and staff. On the other hand, when I’m on stage as a singer, it’s important to bring what I want to convey into shape”.

I became blind to my goal for the first time in 20 years.

This year is Keun-Suk’s 20th anniversary since his debut. How does he feel?
“Until last year I thought something would change when the time came. But in fact, nothing changed. Lol. I’m thinkig what to do in the future while watching my past works”.

His specific plans to the future are as follows. “As an actor, I want to find my representative work. As a singer, I want to challenge various genre of music. Besides, I’m starting a new bussiness this year. I’ll open a shop in Shibuya, Japan, where I’m going to offer original products collaborated with various brand-name manufactures. The first ones are bag collaborated with Korean brand, but eventurally, I want to cooperate with Japanese or foregin brand-names. In this case also I’ve been involved since the planning stage and negotiated them directly. The interior of the shop is in progress, so I hope it will be open within this year”.

Listening to his plans, we’ve become convinced that his leverage and ambition are indeed extraordinary. That’s why he’s reigned as Asian Prince. “I spare no effort to carry out my word. When I released my first CD in Japan last year, I answered that my dream is to be Asian Prince in a lot of interview. LSince then, I’ve found newspapers in different countries describes me as ‘Asian Prince, Jang Keun Suk’. Without knowing, I’ve really become Asian Prince. Lol. A sense of responsibility for my word is probably my motive force”.

However, he’s experienced to give way to despair before. This year he thought he really wanted to quit his job since his debut for the first time. “It was around after Tokyo Dome performance in Japan. Performing at Tokyo Dome was my dream since I was a child. So after realizing the dream, I became blind to my goal for the first time. Every time when I was asked what my next goal is in interviews, I came to think that I want to escape. And, this is my first confess in public, but, in fact, I came to think that I want even to die at that time. Last year I worked literally day and night, so I had no time to relax. I needed some time to consider”. Under such situation, he had a car accident when his manager was driving a car. Fortunately Keun-Suk didn’t get a big damage. “I thought I was about to die. Lol. But when the car narrowly stopped, I thought, ‘Oh, I’m still alive!’ At that moment I found my next goal.. to be World Prince. I felt as if God had asked me ‘What do I live for?’ Of course, as long as I have made a promise, I will make my dream reality. I’m sadistic even toward me, I push myself to do my best”.

At first, I depend on and try to be nicer.

His well-known sadistic characteristics still remain. But we wonder if he might be masochistic when he’s in love…!? “Never! I’m totally sadistic. Of course, at first I depend on her and try to be nicer to her. But it’s just because I try to give her a good expression. Lol. Most of the time, I push her around. But, currently I devote to eels (my fans) only. This is true! When I hold a concert or speak something through camera, I do so thinking I’m in love with my eel. It’s true that I have no time and room to spare, so I don’t need to be in love. But, to be honest, I want to be in love with you, my dearest eel. Lol”.

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  1. I love you too my prince….I hope for your dream come true..to be a world prince..and I hope you find someone your love in real life..I am from indonesia,,in my country you very famous..I hope someday you attend a concert in indonesia.gbu prince

  2. It hurt my heart when he said that for the first time in 20 years, he wanted to quit his job. I think other eels like me understand him. It isn’t easy to be on his shoes. In whatever he decides on, as an eel, I will continuously support him. I personally think that he shines in whatever he does. His creativity and talent are immense. I’m sure he’ll be brilliant in whatever he chooses to do next.

    Thank you, Kaori-san (tenshi_akuma) for translating his magazine interview for us. 🙂
    I’ve always been a reader of this blog. 🙂

  3. Oh, I have to share this. The cover shot was secretly taken during break time. The cover shows his natural smile behind the scenes.

    • Thanks Tenshi, Kaori for your precious time to do translating! We enjoy reading and knowing what written in this beautiful magazine!

      It was amazing knowing that this cover shot was secretly taken during break time! And i really love his cute yet natural facial expression in this pic! Awesome Awesome!

  4. Whenever I see him I think he is still a boy, I love his personality, his baby face and his smile. He inspires confidence, I really think he is honest with his eels… I’d like to meet him in person someday

  5. Thanks alot Tenshi !!! Ahhhhh, this lines …. “A sense of responsibility for my word is probably my motive force”…… I love you Sukkie, I want & will always look at You ‘Only’!!

  6. ouch ! knowing that our prince really had a hard time to the point he wants to quit and worst die ( that line kills me a thousand times ) made wish i could magically appear in beside him and hug him so tight…it broke my heart 🙁
    i’m glad he had passed that stage and seems to be enjoying his life now…let’s pray he’ll find someone to love and be beside him always..

    at first i fell in-love with JKS because of his looks and talent…but after i’ve watched his ( eng subbed ) interviews and guestings in tv shows i’ve come to truly know him and fell in-love even more…he’s smart, witty, and honest.

    thanks to everyone who makes it possible for me to know what our prince is up to..
    thanks for endless sharing and translating articles such as this…
    you may not believe it but i’m on this blog the whole of my waking hours ( even at work hahaha ) i dont just visit this blog, i stayed here as if it’s my home 🙂

  7. i love you big time! dont quit! youre on the right track Prince, just take it slow, no one is chasing you,, YOU ARE SO FAR AHEAD EVERYBODY…. World Prince. ZikZin!

  8. Thanks again, Tenshi. I feel the same way as Maui and admire him even more for the way he appreciates the love of his eels. As a grandma, my heart aches to read how much responsibility he is taking upon himself. Being 25/26 I pray he finds his true love to share all he goes through, I’m sure there has to be someone but he is not ready to make a commitment. I am basically living on this site, too. Tenshi, please keep up the good work and keep us posted since it is in English I think you are making so many happy. God Bless.

  9. Sukkie,
    No matter how much U love us and we love U, U need to find time to search for that special someone.Being multi-talented, I am sure U can multi-task….find her soon.

  10. reading this, his life is so sad. extremely popular and well-loved by many of us, but love is elusive to him. a very rich poor guy.

    i really wish him joy and peace regardless of popularity. i don’t mind at all that if he falls in love, i want him to be genuinely happy

  11. Thanks for the translation.

    He is very honest to state that he is sadistic and eventually he was really pushing her around. I wonder if he is still with her, and if she left him. Probably she had. It is indeed a big challenge to be Sukkie’s girlfriend – him, pushing her around and some of Sukkie’s fans hating her just because Sukkie fancied her. It makes me wonder whether “Stay” was meant for that girl, but she left and all he had is a picture of them together. Unfortunately the picture is the captured visible memory only.

    • yes, “Stay” was meant for that girl “red dress”…ooh!…Now I understand everything recently, Keun Suk was so incredibly nice to her and always pulled her round for to be close whit her … Keun Suk has let coffee many times for her…. and even he danced only for her.
      amazing!…oppa keun suk fell in love for her, but, she left him :(…for that reason…oppa Keun Suk looked so sad :(.
      I hope—> they could regain their love.
      she said that oppa Keun Suk is so sentimental..he showed to her, his sentimental side.
      and…even oppa Keun Suk named to her “version female JKS”.

    • honestly I think that “stay” was meant for …YOONA.
      you don’t hate me for being honest :S…please. I’m a eel, but, I believe that our Prince if he is really in love this time, and knowing that the girl closer to state all this time is with Yoona.
      I hope is my deduction.
      I want than our princes will be very happy whit his girlfriend.

  12. i love his honest smile and his honest words. they are coming from his heart. i believe eels can feel that.
    i believe that he is in love with his eels 😀 so he is sadistic to us 🙂
    he is a world prince, i believe. he has many eels not just in asia in all over the world.
    eels are loving him bc of his heart…

  13. hahahah!..I love this man “Prince JKS”!….helooks like “Seo joon”…so handsome.
    oppa JKS’s so intelligent in his tramps words….
    Analyzing: prince JKS pluralized moments to the Eels and ….then singles out a “the Eel” in specific phrases (-in love whit only one “Eel”-)
    He has known the person to whom want to love and to be with her.
    Carefully read the phrases, He smartly plays with the words to mask secretly would like to express. I know that it’s true that now he and she haven’t time to love right, but …. they will wish to love freely, both.
    woooooooooooooow!…prince JKS is in love of “ONE Eel”..only one.
    great :)…I’m so happy for You “Prince JKS and Your Love”.

  14. i agree with angell,
    Please…please.. find a good and cute girl, i ‘ll always support you and always be ur fan, forever.
    Be happy sukkie.. ! 🙂

  15. \Domoo arigato Tenshi Akuma, I am 54 yrs old and a big fan of JKS. since i saw his drama You are Beautiful. Hes popularity really is worldwide. Hes a great actorm singer, friend and lover. Hope he finds his true love when he gets to settle down.


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