12 thoughts on “[Fan Account-1] Welcome Prince at Schoenefeld airport, Berlin_20120923”

  1. Our friendly neibourhood World Prince never fail to charm anyone worldwide!
    Thanks Aya for the fan account & Tenshi for posting it! You gals make our day!
    Best wishes to Prince photo shoot and may you hv a Fantastic time there! ^_^

  2. Oh lucky you (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
    I enjoyed reading , felt like am with u xD .
    Really i wish to see him in real once T^T
    Even if it was imposible to me TT.TT

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your fan account. He truly is a World Prince. Despite being tired he gave some of his time for his fans and is always gracious. That is why we all love him so much. And thanks to the German Eels that was so kind to give him his space and not push for his attention. That is what I have learned from following him.. if you respect him and his space he will make an effort to give back to his fans. Which is why I’m sad whenever I read stories about fans that push and shove to get his attention when all they have to do is be patient and let him know you love and support him. So thanks again for this lovely fan account and memory. Hopefully it won’t be a once in a lifetime experience. I still dream of the day that he comes to the US and even better if I am privileged for him to come to DC. I really do wish he were to be invited by the Korean Embassy here in the US for some kind of event and I would somehow find out about it and attend. He makes me love him every day.

  4. another eel story that i would envy 🙁 nevertheless im so happy for those who are able to see our PRINCE in person…its an experience that will surely be treasured for life ! the prince proved again how much he love his eels…i love you even more !

  5. Tenshi- you do such a wonderful job on updates about Prince JKS.
    As soon as i have time i find myself looking for your updates.
    I’m a grandma and got hooked on JKS and PSH after watching You’re Beautiful.
    Since April, all i do in my free time is research about them way back to 2009.
    So i have a pretty good picture about their history.
    I am a traveller and have been to Seoul, ten years ago.
    Can you tell me how to get tickets to a concert?
    How could i be more involved? I am not Korean but have picked up a few words.
    I have Korean friends and will be visiting Korean town here in Toronto, to check out if we have a fan club here. Your guidance on how to be more involved would be highly appreciated. God Bless you all.

    • Anne, this blog has all the updated information you need on JKS and his concerts and how to buy tickets. Check on the previous posts. Shows in every country is different. In Japan, it’s hard to get tickets and are put in a draw. In other countries, tickets are available on internet but some might only accept local credit cards. The next show you have a good chance in getting tickets is in Chenzhen, China. I think you need local credit card otherwise see if you can find someone you know who can help you get the tickets in China or Hong kong.

      Have you noticed at the top of this blog, there is a heading ‘Eels Club International’? This is a private club with members from over 40 countries including Canada. See if you’re interested.

      JKS also has Apps, one is free called Apps Lite and the other one you have to pay about US$8. In there, there is fan cafe where eels can chat in Korea, Japanese, Chinese, English or other. Instructions how to download can be found in this blog, check old posts say around Sep or Nov 2011.

      JKS has official fan club in Japan and Korea. japan one only open to people who live in Japan. Membership for Korean FC is closed for this year, will have to wait for next year. Keep checking information here on this blog. Do you use Weibo and can you read Chinese? If so, there is official weibo site for JKS as well.

      Hope this helps.

      • Dear Wen, for your information. I’m also interested in going to one of his shows or concerts and joining JKS fanclub. Only through this blog I can get a lot of news and information. I can’t read Chinese, just a little bit of Korean and Japanese ,so it’s quite difficult for me to keep JKS news update elsewhere..

        Dear Anne, we might be of the same generation as you said you’re “a grandma” 🙂

  6. Awesome FA!!! This is my favorite of all time!!! Never had I felt this excited about reading a FA. Thanks to this super lucky and loyal German eel, we were all able to be transported to the Berlin airport to welcome Sukkie!! I feel as if I had been there in person! Thanks for sharing this FA!! Truly awesome!

    I’m very impressed with the investigative skills of the ECI investigators!! Eels, do you realize what this means? This successful mission means that we are able to organize a welcoming to our Prince at any country he travels too! ECI has members from over 40 (maybe even 50 now) countries. Wherever Sukkie goes, we’ll be able to be there to welcome him and show him how much we love him! YEY!! How amazing is this!! I’m happy beyond my heart’s capability of containment!!

    ZIKZIN EELS!!! Way to go ECI!!!!


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