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  1. Prince charming, you rock Taiwan last nite with your excellent showmanship! I’m sure Taiwan eels enjoyed every bit of it! You are simple electrifying !!! We can’t take our eyes off you! ^_^!

  2. Yes, he look smart in every set of clothes in this concert! His concert was so impressed and you can’t miss his every single expressions, his funny story about y non of his eels in Taiwan following him and he knews eels in Taiwan is wondering whether they should follow him closely as the shanghai issue make him so angry. Prince then said “as long as u ensure u r safe and myself is safe, you can follow deeply till the end” all of us scream and laugh loudly. Lol
    After the concert, we follow him deeply to a steamboat restaurant, omg, that was the first time im so near with him, about few feets away…he is so so so handsome and smile all the way. We waited him for 2 hours in front of the restaurant. I believe they having a great time eating and drinking with the crews. We say Jang mama and papa. Jang papa looks younger than I thought and he waives to us, so down to earth. Again, the second time I saw prince in a very near distance when he came out from the restaurant and proceed to a very famous night club to continue party!
    I was so lucky as I able to fond farewell prince again today in the airport. I was thinking that his flight was around 1330 and my flight at 1620, so most probably too late for me as I only reached airport around 1300 hrs. One I stepped in departure hall, I saw lots and lots of eels waiting and I’m sure they r waiting for prince. Oh…..im so excited at that moment. Prince arrived few minutes later wearing sleeveless black color shirt, short jean with his sunglass. He slowly walk through the aisle and waives at us, flying kisses with his sweet smiles. I nearly followed him into the immigration but too bad I haven’t check in….and even though I can’t hear but I can read from his lip, he said “an-nyeong” when he turned his head back to us. How sweet our prince! I’m so so glad that able to farewell him at the airport.
    Anyone going for the bkk cri show ll? I will go again especially after seeing this one in Taipei. He did perform very well in every single minutes in the show. Very well done prince and we are so proud of u.

    • Casey, I know I am asking a stupid question. But since I’m not that lucky to see him in person, I always wonder how handsome he is. He is as handsome as demigod in movie and drama (esp. as my all time bias, Seo In Ha). Is his real person really much more handsome than that? Did he smell good?

      • Is not stupid question Dom, but is difficult to describe how handsome he is….u will know when u see him…hehe
        Real person is charm and his looks really outstanding….
        Smell? Not enough time to smell….I hope I able to hug him!

    • Awww….Casey, I am beyond happy reading your mini fanaccount here. Thank you so much for sharing. I love reading fanaccount..bcoz fanaccount make me feel, I were there too.
      So Casey, I can feel the excitement, the joy, and experiences you had….unforgettable experience, isn’t it!!!

      I’m so glad you were able to see him in close distance and felt his presence…and also had a farewell closure with him at the airport too. Yeahhhhh….so happy envious you!!

      • Hi kailey, u were there? Did u run to the front? Yes, I was upset at first for not being able to farewell him till I saw him…

    • Casey, Thanks so much for the fan account.. I was there at Sukkie’s Taipei Cri show like you and I really enjoy the impressive performance but couldn’t join many of you to follow him around as I was having flu before I come but like you, once we see Sukkie in person once, we somehow are trapped forever especially after going for his concerts.. that happened to many of the eels.. that is why we can see many eels would follow him everywhere he goes.. I was discussing with my friend in ECI about this topic.. we someone feel that Sukkie has a certain unique charm.. not only physical but the personality & talent which made him so unique..we never have this kind of feeling for any artiste since our teens ^_^ Last year when I attended his Cri show in S’pore, I’m somehow stunned to see him in person during the autograph session as well as Cri show as he is so friendly, handsome and listening to his voice talking or singing is really like a dream.. and last year in S’pore, he performed LoungeH in Cri show, seeing him as a DJ with BB is another experience… This year Cri show in Taipei.. I really see Sukkie becoming an artiste as I forgot about his bandaid (which I laughed out loud when I spot that on the screen.. I can’t help as that is what made Sukkie so appealing to us as he is so natural) as he performed and indulged in his performance… this year, I don’t have the floating feeling as last year but instead replaced with a happy & longing feeling throughout the show.. just like many eels, we laugh, sing & dance with him.. I did that with the light stick… waving & Zikzin with the JKS light stick also ^_^ It is never enough.. I know many of us in ECI are going for the BKK Cri show too like you.. see you there! we are bringing the JKS light stick again for the Zikzin!!! Like what you said.. I’m very proud to be an eel as our master eel is really has worked hard in past 20 years of his life… more cheers for him in next 20 years to come!!!

      • Most welcome QQ, in fact I actually not really good in describing all these….coz of too excited that’s y I need to share with u guys
        Yes, I saw the documentary during his cri show in spore, I was envy that most of the eels able to get his signature and shake his hands with such near distance. Even in hong kong, Beijing and others. How come cri show ll dont have this kind of privilege? I’m so sad y I only know prince this year? If not, I will attend his hkg, spore n msia cri show.
        Thanks QQ for sharing ur thoughts and I’m totally agree with u that prince has a certain unique charm…haha…the bandage part was fun and I was so high when he sang promise! I love JKS light stick…pure white and specially designed for him and only own by his concert. He was cute n sweet when singing and dancing “oh my darling & hello hello”… Totally melted.
        Oh….let’s share more on bkk concert …..wow great if ECI are all going together….jyo zik zin…congrats prince for his 20 years anniversary debut!

  3. Casey,you are alive after saw him liked that ? Hahaha, thank you for your litle fan account.Did you read the new poem ?, I talked about you. I like the expression of his face and eyes,very passionate.

    • Haha Esther, I must alive and conscious in order to deeply, madly and truly follow him…haha…also, those taxis waiting outside were playing prince’s songs….such a great entertainment..
      I haven’t read yet….but so happy n excited….thanks in advance!


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