[Q&A] Numero TOKYO October 2012

Credits: Numero TOKYO
Photographed by Leslie Kee
English translation: tenshi_akuma

A close-up Q & A of the real face of Jang Keun Suk
Q1: As an artist, what are you planning next?
A1: I’ve come to think that doing as soon as possible is not always the best. Detouring is sometimes better, I think. I’ve achieved my current success much earlier than I expected. That’s why there was days when I had fear about this early success and was thinking every day about what I should do. Now, I’m enjoying every single moment and searching for what I want to do. It means what I’m preparing for now is what I personally want to do, not as an artist. I have another dream to be a businessman. To realize the dream, my next plan is to open up a collaborative shop with brand names as a designer. While doing a lot of research desperately, I’m sometimes mixed up if I’m an artist or a business man. Lol.

Q2: Actor, Singer and businessman…, in which area will you plan to conquer the world?
A2: All of them. I want to conquer the world in all the areas. I started my career as a child actor, but I’ve never thought of the day comes when I retire from showbiz. To pursue my new dream as an actor and a singer, I will continue to work in showbiz and at the same time I want to try in my new fields. This is my stance and principles.

Q3: What was 25-year-old Jang Keun Suk like you imagined when you were a kid?
A3: When I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a boss of car repair shop just because I loved cars. After that, I wanted to be a boss of carubi restaurant and a doctor. Lol. I think I never thought to be an artist before I debuted as a child star.

Q4: How do you describe in your 30’s and 40’s?
A4: Surely a success in showbiz is important, but more important for me is to have my own family. I’ve had wishes to get married and have lots of children for some time. If I had a family, I would be more responsible and refrain from drinking too much. If I looked at my family’s pictures when I was tired from work, it would encourage me to work much harder to protect my family. Now my family consists of my parents and a dog Suni, so I’m thinking of them when I feel tired. I don’t have enough time to love someone, a potential partner…… that’s all. Lol.
Q5: As an artist, what kind of experience do you want to accumulate?
A5: For me, every moment is experience. Appearing on various TV shows is experience, but I think seeing all the scenery on my way to TV stations is also one of experiences. Finding meaning in everything and being more mature, I want to go to the next step.

Q6: Looking back over the past 20 years, when do you think is a turning point?
A6: After all, when I was 20 years old. I’ve set my goal to be a free man since I found “I’m the main character in my life”. As I just started to take the first step in becoming a free man, I’m not sure yet where it’s going to lead in the future.

Q7: So, you don’t know your life is going?
A7: I don’t know. But I think it’s OK. Because I can’t see what will happen, I enjoy my life at every moment.

Q8: Do you get depressed?
A8: Of course, I get depressed. I also experienced a slump. When I watched the DVD of SMAP concert at Tokyo Dome in my junior high school days, I vaguely thought I wanted to hold my concert in a big venue someday. Last year one of my big dreams to hold my concert at Tokyo Dome came true. But just after it finished, I wondered where to go from now. I prefer doing what I want to do rather than doing what my company asks me to do. I couldn’t find my next step soon after the concert, and everything stopped. I mean my idea of managing my company, acting and making album all stopped. But there were a lot of things I had to do. At that time, I realized again that it was really hard for me to be forced to do something. Thinking back now, what I had to do at that time was what I wanted to do. I’m afraid I alone didn’t notice that… I wonder why I forgot everything I chose because I wanted to do. I think I fell in a terrible slump.

Q9: In your previous interview, you said “I don’t know who I am”. How about now?
A9: I think my real identity is myself. Today I answer like this, but there may be times that I can’t see or understand myself in a moment. But searching for real self and going forward is my homework.

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    • I agree, Tenshi. If we read carefully, between the lines, we will find a lot of meaning to his latest actions, thoughts, and feelings. This man is like an onion…he has lots of layers – each one more complex than the previous one. Hard to decipher? You bet! But I could spend a lifetime watching him grow and unveil every bit of his essence.

  1. Will be “perfection”..thanks Tenshi for the translation,ur right! The timing of this Magazine is significant and meaningful to all of us!!

  2. why nowadays my darling JKS pic less less sweet cute smile, always look cooooool,not nice dear luckily u got very very sexy lips, don’t all of you eels out there notice my dear JKS got a very good looking “sexy lips” even in smile way or cool look, agreed!

  3. I believe He will be a good father and husband. No smoking and drinking 🙂
    Eels will be happy when jks find someone who he loves and who loves him.
    Waiting for eels queen. i hope my prince will find his queen soon.

    • I agree with you. Hopefully even with his busy schedule he can still have the time to find the right girl to become the future Mrs Jang Keun Suk. The future mother of the many babies.

    • I don’t think it’s possible for JKS to reply to all of his hundreds of thousands of fans; he does reply to a few occasionally, the lucky ones I guess!

      By saying that he would like fans to open their hearts to him, I think it just means to love him and accept him.

  4. AHH,I liked too,very clever and mature. I promise a poem,this interview encourage me more to wrie about him,so the title is:

    My life as an eel of Jang Keun Suk

    MY Life was happy
    and quite too,
    but this tornado{JKS}
    was coming thru.

    He is like a handiman,
    he is from Korea
    he do all things
    this boy is real?

    I was very stunned
    when saw him the first time,
    he is very handson
    almost hurt my eyes.

    When i first saw him
    i was in denial
    how can this boy
    its so on fire.

    I like his music
    his modeling too
    but when he is acting
    i hit the roof.

    And then he plays
    electronic music too
    he dance too sexy
    with the perfect tunes.

    Then i discover
    this site too{jks forever}
    all girls are crazy
    for him too.

    Next poem,The girls from this blog,stay tune{i included most of you}.

  5. oppah i’m the answer of your homework:)) ill give you more suni and baby :)) kkkkk lol!! keep it up JKS.. stay healthy and godbless:)

  6. Tenshi, thank you so much for translating and sharing this to us. As always this young man’s thoughts are way beyond his age. He is full of wisdom. Its always a pleasure reading his interviews.

  7. I do agree Tenshi ..Now the time being he has became a mature mid twenty man and his though ate more complex and the way he thinking himself what to do is more responsible .it’s like happening in all human being when it’s time come to be a mature enough you start thinking of others more than yourself and wanna protect for family.To become a business man .Sukkie himself is a kind of businessman ,sure people will follow his idea as they love him
    Much .But thing is not using of his popularity as he said to become a specific businessman apart from being artist Jang Geun Suk might have some challenges .Wohh such a age of himself he has done many successful life events .Fighting Geun Suk .you will achieve it as you have string desire .With much love .:))

  8. Kley Kley thank you,i laughted a lot writing .Farina,thanks, i am glad you enjoyed too,did you imagine me in your club? a lot of fun, i will write the rest of other poem right now,but some of the names are dificult to rime and others,like Ivy,i don’t know her that much,so i will use my imagination again,hope she will not offended,I have to ask the girls if i used her names?,i don’t want problems with anybody,

    • Esther, i shall roll out the red carpet when you enter ECI ok? We have a lot of talented people in ECI its really amazing!!

  9. Kailey,yes i know,thanks,the two Ks from USA{Kley kley and Kailey} were included in my next poem,you two are so kind and said beautiful things to me,so wait.

    • WOW…Wow…Awww….Esther, I am dreaming in heaven with a smile upon reading that you will write a poem for me and sis Kley-Kley. Esther, you have a skill of making people happy….and truly is a blessing trait to have.

      So thank you so much in advance for your sweet gestures and actions and blessing your heart for making so many people here happy reading your comments, poems, or posts. Go Go Go Zikin, Esther!!!!

  10. Tenshi, thank you for translation.

    Once again, my apologies for another long post.

    To everyone who is wondering what exactly JKS might be coming from in this interview, or to anyone who is trying to understand a creative personality a bit better here is a wonderful article in Psychology Today.
    full article: http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/199607/the-creative-personality

    Do some of this seem true and familiar?

    Creative people tend to be smart yet naive at the same time
    Creative people combine playfulness and discipline, or responsibility and irresponsibility
    Creative people alternate between imagination and fantasy, and a rooted sense of reality.
    Creative people tend to be both extroverted and introverted
    Creative people are humble and proud at the same time.
    Creative people, to an extent, escape rigid gender role stereotyping
    Creative people are both rebellious and conservative.
    Most creative people are very passionate about their work, yet they can be extremely objective about it as well.
    Creative people’s openness and sensitivity often exposes them to suffering and pain, yet also to a great deal of enjoyment.

    I think that all fits JKS’s personality so much :)To find out more about personality traits of creative people read the article, you will not regret it. 🙂

    There is also a link between creativity and depression. One vary famous ballerina said, that after every successful performance she has strong waves of depression to the point she questions whether she wants to live or not. But she did find a solution for that. She goes to bed,then next morning she goes for a long walk alone, somewhere in the park, where there are not a lot of people, maybe along the ocean shore if she is near the ocean.
    I hope JKS can find something healthy that helps him to regenerate. Some creative types do naturally turn to alcohol, but is a poor long term solution. Besides, once it becomes a habit,it is hard to get rid of and no external sources (such as family) can help. So, it is much better to get hold of it now.

    It is not surprising that JKS felt very long slump after his concert in Tokyo Dome. It combined effect of:
    – depletion of serotonin after the performance (like what a ballerina was describing)
    – on top of that achievement of a milestone that might be difficult to surpass in the future.

    Olympic athletes have to face similar hurdles psychologically. Before they compete in their last Olympic games they have to prepare their life plan years in advance of what they are going to do next. To some extend it helps to alleviate feelings of emptiness, but many still go through similar experience that JKS went through.

    It is good that he was able to deal with it and can talk about it now. I do hope that he does not abandon his acting, because he got so masterful at that. At the same time I understand why he may want to do so. After 20 years of acting and modeling, when other people tell you what to do and how to look, one might develop a very strong wish to assert himself through his own work.
    Honestly, rare actors last in the profession for over 20 years. So it is understandable (although regrettable) why he might want to switch gears, hopefully just temporarily 🙂

    • Lowtide, Thank you so much for posting this great article here, very information reading. I’m learning new things every time you decide to comment or post somethings in this blog. After reading this post, I’m able to understand some of Sukkie’s actions. Awwww… being creative person is not always a blessing. Thank Goodness, Sukkie seems to be surrounded by great grounded parents, good managers, friends….and of course, he has the BEST fans in the world….so he won’t be in a slum or depressive phase for so long.

  11. Hello Lowtide,

    It’s amazing how much I learn every time I read your insightful posts! Thank you for sharing this information! I loved the link…took a few tests myself! 🙂

    Jang Keun Suk most definitely fits the profile of a person with a creative personality to a T.
    I hope he realizes the dynamics of being this type of person so that he’s able to deal with and overcome any obstacles in his way, in the be best way possible and without falling pray to those long periods of depression.

    In his interview, he mentioned that he wasn’t able to recognize the state he was in when he was going through his slump after the Tokyo concert by himself. I hope he is surrounded by trustworthy people who care about him enough to tell him when he’s letting himself go so that he can snap out of it in time…and of course, I also hope that he listens.

    All in all, I hope he doesn’t quit anything that he has been doing so far (work wise) because he has mastered several of his skills (predominantly, his acting).

    Again, thank you, Lowtide, for this informative post. Now, I can understand Jang Keun Suk and his actions a little better.

    Have a wonderful day!!

    P.S. How lucky he is to have someone as knowledgeable, sober, warm, and considerate like you watching over him. 🙂

  12. Yasmin and Daryl ,thank you so much. Farina a red carpet for me? Wow, I have to buy a dress,ohh,my hear is a mess,no need a shoes ,because maybe I will flying in the clouds,kkk.QQeyes , thank you too,you are the first that I mentioned in my next poem,because thanks to you I discover this site.Farina had a good part too.I will write in my night,today.

  13. Thanks to Esther nice yet funny poster! Thanks to lowtide coz whatever you write not only inspired but also make us understand more about jks situation. Hope prince able to c it one day! Such a great blog here. Happy happy^^

  14. JKS says,

    ‘I’ve come to think that doing as soon as possible is not always the best. Detouring is sometimes better, I think. I’ve achieved my current success much earlier than I expected.”
    So that’s why in year 2012 he really slow down ? His popularity has gone down !!!!!
    He always say he wants to get marry early (before 30) and have more kids.Maybe now is time for him to search for the right girl. His ideal girl might just fly to somebody’s arm if he is too late.


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