[Video] We love K_”Let’s open Love Rain DVD” (no-subbed)

This program introduced the first pressing of “Love Rain” complete DVD boxes. Actually it is released as DVD vol.1~3 boxes. It includes some free gifts; yellow notebook, ginkgo bookmark and 36p photo booklet. Plus, this Japanese version is a special Director’s cut one. It means which includes 21 episodes (the part of 1970s is newly added), unreleased 31-minute footage, some BGM is selected newly by Director and it is color-corrected (when it is broadcast in Korea, because of a tight schedule, there is not enough time to be color-corrected). Of course, there are some BTS; shooting Love Rain poster and bloopers. According to the program, there is four versions: Korean broadcasting one, Japanese broadcasting one, international one, and Japanese complete one.

Credits: ponycanyonkdp

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  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know whether LOverain DVD online outside of Korea and Japan.
    I m from Spore and can’t seem to find any shops (eg. poh kim) which sells LR DVD.


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