27 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS Back to Korea at Kimpo Airport After “Summer Sonic 2012” in Japan (1)”

  1. He closed his App. I think he must feel really hurt being blame by his eel. In the past, he closed his cy, now he closed his app. I think he most probably will not update his twitter too. hiah, i hope he can get a good rest and not to think too much.

    • Yes, Mindy… I’m crying when I know this.. I opened his app and saw his messages deleted… T___T
      But, I trust n respect his decision. It must be hard for him to do it, coz he really want to be close with his eels… I hope he’ll be fine soon n we can see his smile again… I just wish I could hug him n say “it’s okay prince, no matter what happen eels will always support n stand by your side forever.. I wanna see you always happy n have a good time…”

    • What happened? What was he being blamed for and why? I was under the impression that all had gone well. I’m so sad to hear he’s closed his app. What would drive him so sad or angry to do this? Can anyone please explain what’s going on? Thanks.

  2. Team H performance was amazing!!!! I hope everything will be okay and sukkie will come back soon the happy and naughty sukkie!!!!

  3. Team H performance was awesom, they did their best as always. I hope Asia Prince could be again playing among the eels I’m so sorry to hear all about the issue T.T.

  4. Why is he wearing a mask on his face? Is he sick or is he hiding his face behind this mask,not wanting anymore to let us see his beautiful,naughty smile?

  5. Girls,days ago I read that he posted a photo on his APP,a joke, maybe he wants to test us, see the reaction of his eels ,in the photo he was holding hands with a girl ,when the fans saw the photo,they get mad and wrote very hurts comments and decide to leaved him,he posted a twitter saying he was sad about it and it was only a joke,but they leaved him anyway.Maybe this was the reason for close his APP. Other eels were happy with the photo and think that the girl was Park Shin Hye,they compared her hands with the photo hands and the band or brazalette that girl of the photo have with PSH band and used that for proof that was her.My thoughs are maybe was her because they are very close and good friends,he is living near her house again ,then he said to her lets make a joke for the eels and did without thinking in the fans reaction.This girls are very inmature,he have tne right to be happy with a girl, this would happen soner or later because he is HUMAN and a real MAN,so get a life girls and leave Sukkie alone,please.

    • Esther, I hesitate to leave a comment to you here. I’m really afraid it might sound harsh to you… I know you’re a good eel, but I dare to say.. Please don’t share the information on apps in public. The photos and videos on apps are the same as the ones on his official fan club. Even if you do so from your kindness to other eels, it’s not allowed officially… I think even a hint will cause speculations.. because those who can’t see the photos just need to imagine what is like..

      Plus, in my opinion, I don’t think the reason you mentioned above he closed apps for a while isn’t the reason. Rather, unreliable speculations like who that girl and unreliable rumors circulated over twitters or other blogs annoyed him. About photos, I think he just wanted to play a joke. I know there are many different types of people who like him. Some are upset seeing such photos. Others are prying into his personal life too much. They are not sasaeng fans, but they prioritize their interest over his. But I don’t think it’s not only because of the photo issue.

      Oh, I talked too much. The only thing we can do now is believe him and wait him until he’s ready to be back. He didn’t say he closed his app permanently. Just a pause. We shouldn’t make a fuss about it. He needs some rest. After he refreshes, he’ll be back 🙂

      At the end, in our blog “Jang Keun Suk Forever” don’t post any unreliable rumors. We post after it is confirmed officially. I hope you understand our stance. If you want to share your idea freely, please join ECI. Thank you.

  6. OK Tenshi,i get it,i only want to share what i read,but after wrote i think about it and regret my comments, but it was too late,it was posted already,i am very sorry and feel very sad about it and thanks to you for tell me all that because it made me realize what i did was wrong,in the moment i was writing i did no saw it, i am crying so hard for that right now because i dont want Sukkie be harm by this, so forgive me please, i said from the botton of my heart and i promise i will be more carefull about my comments, delete if you want,please, i dont want to see it again,i dont want the girls worry when they reading.I LOVE THIS SITE TOO MUCH, SO PLEASE FORGIVE ME,ESTHER.

    • Don’t cry Esther. We all love you and appreciate your continuous support to eels as well as Sukkie. Ivy said about this issue (Sorry, Ivy I share this instead of you!)… “We believe in JKS, that he has good reason to do something” expressed all I want to share here. Who know the real reason he deciede to pause his message on apps?? All we can do now is just to wait and express our continuous support as usual until when he says “I’m back. Let’s play together!” 😉

    • hugs Esther – we truly understand it’s coz you love him too much 🙂

      we know he truly loves his EELS…. in fact he loves us (EELS) too much, which is why sometimes he is so hard on himself.

      As eels, what we can do now is to trust – knowing it’s also a good time for him to take a well deserved break after the crazy schedule he has gone through thus far. We are all human. He needs a little time out at times too….

      Let’s also get ready to party with him when he returns 🙂

  7. Thanks Tenshi and Ivy for understand me,its was not my intention,i feel guilty and for a moment feel like 24/7 girls that i hate for follow Sukkie,but i am going to sleep now,i hope that i feel better tomorrow.Thanks hazy too for your support.

  8. Oh, mi querida Esther, please don’t cry or what’s worse, please don’t feel guilty about anything! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for replying to my question when no one else did (obviously because no one knows Sukkie’s exact reasons for going radio silent), but you saw our worry and desperation and tried to alleviate some of it by sharing your thoughts on the matter. We all understand you meant no harm!

    It’s easy to speculate when we have so very little information to go on. Only very serene and mature human beings will restrain themselves completely from speculating – most of us, whether we want to admit it or not, can’t help ourselves (no matter how faithful we are to our star). It’s just human nature. But at the end of the day, none of what we make up in our heads has any weight on the truth for it always reveals itself. So what you did is exactly what’s going on in a lot of our heads – pure speculation – with the only difference being that you were brave enough to share it.

    After reading Tenshi’s wise words, we can say: “Lesson learned.”

    Like the old adage says: “A shut mouth catches no flies.” …and boy, how true this is!

    My speculations earlier today went more in the direction that “perhaps Sukkie is ill?” Or, “maybe the fact that he is only 25 years old and anyone in his shoes would feel the dire need to take a break from so much pressure?”
    I admit I did put these conjectures together in my head but…hours later, I can say that I feel much more at ease with Sukkie’s decision to take a sabbatical. God knows I wouldn’t have lasted two months without taking one but he is like the Energizer Bunny…he keeps going, and going, and going… He is amazing! And I’m sure that in order to continue being that amazing, he must recharge his batteries.

    We are so used to having access to Sukkie’s life so freely and easily that I feel we have taken it for granted. No one on earth gives anyone else access to their life 24/7 like Sukkie does. I feel that we have become a little greedy with his loving generosity. The more he gives us, the more we want. Today was like a wake up call. Personally, like a bucket of cold water on my face in the middle of Winter. A preview of what life would be like without Jang Keun Suk. I don’t like it but it’s totally bearable because at least I know it’s not permanent.

    I will pray (not pry) for Sukkie tonight more intensely than ever before. I will remain still – waiting patiently – until the day he decides to open up to us again. Until then, I say we make his videos on YouTube go viral. Let’s start hitting up those babies and let the whole world know that he is wanted and wanted badly. Let’s make him a trend on twitter. Let’s chase away any clouds of confusion and negativity that might be hoovering above his name. Let’s cheer him up. Let’s love him back to happiness. What do you eels say?

    • Kley-kley, if you live close to my house, I will go to see you and give you a BIG tight bear hug for posting this message. Where is the LOVE Check Mark on this blog?? Super LOVE your post!!!!

      I’m soo loving EELs family here. We shares thoughts and opinions about Sukkie…but what’s I love the most in this blog that everyone cares, loves, respects and comforts each other when needed. Where can we find a place where strangers communicate with each other with common interests and wonderful friendship?

      JKS is one lucky man to have so many loyal eels all over the world. A star knows truly well, fans can easily come and go…..but a star still dreams of having loyal fans anyway.

      • Hello Kailey! It would be awesome if we lived close to each other, wouldn’t it? Who knows, maybe we’re even next door neighbors and we don’t even know it! lol!

        Thank you SO much for your awesome and up-lifting response! You have totally cheered me up!

        By writing my comment, I was aiming to cheer my self up in the process because I’d been sulking all day long. But after reading your post, I feel very comforted and completely revitalized – it was truly timely and right on the dot…just what I needed to hear before hitting the pillow. You saved me from having nightmares! Now I’m ready for a secret rendezvous with JKS in my dreams! 🙂

        So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I too super love your post! 🙂 So positive and encouraging! I’m glad I can call myself an eel and be able to give and receive so much love not only from JKS but also from other eels. I feel overly blessed.

        JKS is a lucky man indeed!

        Anyway, another day has just started in SoCal and I must go get some beauty sleep. Good night and sweet JKS dreams to all the eels in the Western Hemisphere! And good day to all the eels on the other side of the world.

        P.S. What I suggested on my previous post about making JKS’s videos go viral as well as making him a trend on twitter is more like a petition. We’ve got the man power to do it but we need a leader to organize us. Anyone?

      • there’s a saying.. one take a rest to walk a greater distance!! beware that he will be back to conquer the world real fast.. can we handle that? 😉 ;);) in the mean time while he’s taking a break, hibernating for a better fight.. All of us should take a step back and catch your breath too, embrace and take care of ourselves and prepare to walk a greater distance with him when’s he back.. for good or for bad, we will be there.. with him! eels who love him, stay through with him.. there is no need to explain the reason for everything, because eels do not need it..

  9. Kley kley, Gracias,so sweet to you greeting me in spanish.Wow your friends and family must be proud of having you as part of their life,you are gem,your words comfort me a lot,it was like if I was in the desert liying on the hot soil almost dead without water and you came and give me the water that I need to live. Yes,i learn a lot of lessons,now I wrote the word oficial and put it in the top of my laptop and one litle on my phone for remember when I write my comments.This issue made me love Sukkie more because thank to him we are here in this wonderful blog sharing news and love with each others like a real family,i wish I know you too,thanks again,mi querida Kley Kley.

    • De nada, Esther. I’m glad my words were encouraging to you! Your comments have always put a smile on my face and I wasn’t comfortable knowing you were feeling so sad. I’m happy to see you’re back to your old cheery self.
      Thanks for your sweet words – they mean a world to me! You are very kind.
      I read your post about a storm coming your way. I hope you and your loved ones will be safe as well the entire Caribbean. I’ll be praying for your safety and well-being.
      Take care, xoxo. K.

  10. To all our eel sisters & brothers.. be strong and I believe our master eel will come back even stronger.. let him take a break.. let me share here a vid which was made by our baby eel sis (I like to call her baby eel because she is a young girl) from India who is also a child warrior like many of the eels I have come across in this blog as well as in ECI ^_^
    Our warrior child just need a break…

  11. Although I’m not a regular commenter, but I really like the eels group here which are mostly calm and rational. Since I know English and Chinese,I often read the messages post by other eels on the apps…seriously, no offence but some of them are pretty hard to please fans….heard in WEI bo it’s even worse…anyway, you guys are right that we took his daily updates for granted, too much that now it’s hard to bare (pretty hard for me as been having issues lately and really need my daily suk dose) however I believe we will cope, as long as we know he is doing well. To show that, we must be able to cope with issues in our life too, be strong and prepared till the day he is back!

  12. Hmmm everyone lets take this opportunity for a break …..same as Sukkie

    LoL but i dont think he can hide long….coz all his faithful eels are hunting, waiting & praying for his reapperance of his updates and apps

    He knows his eels cant survive long without the master !!!

  13. there’s a saying.. one take a rest to walk a greater distance!! beware that he will be back to conquer the world real fast.. can we handle that? 😉 ;);) in the mean time while he’s taking a break, hibernating for a better fight.. All of us should take a step back and catch your breath too, embrace and take care of ourselves and prepare to walk a greater distance with him when’s he back.. for good or for bad, we will be there.. with him! eels who love him, stay through with him..


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