[News] Jang Keun Suk official alarm iPhone app got No.1 in Asian countries

Source: smart nakameguro

Jang Keun Suk official alarm app enjoys large sales on APP STORE. On August 6 (the first day of the sale), it swept No.1 sale in the category of ‘Lifestyle’ paid applications throughout Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. This is the ranking of the first released day based on AppAnnie, analysis website for application selling.
On a country-by-country basis, the ranking in the category of ‘Lifestyle’ is as follows.
— Japan: No.1
— Taiwan: No.1
— Hong Kong: No.1
— South Korea: No.4
— China: No.1
— Singapore: No.1
— Malaysia: No.2

Especially in Japan and Taiwan, it ranked 6th / 7th even in the overall category. 

Actually, this application was marketed on Google Play on July 18 in advance, but the sales haven’t been so good. That means most of JKS fans don’t own Abdroid phones, but iPhone? Those who waited for the release as iPhone app seem to rush to download it on the first selling day.

Using this app, you can hear various JKS voices when you set the alarm. The interface is like JKS gives you a phone call. There are some bonus voices you don’t know what he says. And if you set this bonus alarm, you also don’t know when the alarm works. It means you can experience like you receive a real phone call from JKS.

For more information, access the page of APP STORE and Google Play.

14 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun Suk official alarm iPhone app got No.1 in Asian countries”

    • Waahhhh… It must be so excited you can hear his voice everyday.. Enjoy the app Kaori Chan…^____^
      I’m so sad that his alarm app for andrid is no available in my country, Indonesia… I think it onnly available in Japan T____T Maybe it is one of the reason why the selling at google play is not so good..

    • Kaori chan, I wonder I can wake up with the alarm of Sukkie as his voice can make me float as in dream….I may think I’m still sleeping! ^_^

  1. Gosh , You all so crazy crazy crazy…
    well it said he may Alarm call u so i think it is only on his local country, Korea or Japan .. unless he travels around then he will.
    Best Of Luck..
    he is about to conguer the world.. Next time may see him in Hollywood!

  2. that’s right! i have samsung galaxy tab, it’s an android, but when i want to download it, it’s said “only available for japan region”. if they fix this bug, i believe it will be no 1 worldwide!

  3. Just download this app yesterday, and he wake me up this morning… yeeeayy Keun Suk aaa…
    but this app are all in Japanese :(, Kaori chan would you please translate it? thanks in advance 🙂

      • Yes it’s all in japanese, i manage to be able to set the alarm, but most of it just dont know what he said and sometime when the notification pop-up, i just klik ok kkkk, (dumb me), Maybe you can give us the instructions in english, such as what is the different of the pink, blue, green and red option alarms?, etc. Thanks Kaori chan 🙂

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