[Video] Team H performance at UMFKorea_20120804 (2)

UPDATE: Replaced YT video with Dailymotion. The list of music Team H performed at UMF
I posted “Team H performance at UMFKorea_20120804” in the previous post, but later I found only YouTube broadcasting was 10 minutes long because there are several performance were in process at the same time. But if we watched UMF from smartphone app, we could watch the full stage… 🙁

Guess what?? Finally after YT broadcasting video was out! A Japanese eel recorded their performance through iPhone screen. She apologized it was not clear and not good sound… but it doesn’t matter at all!!!! We can feel the craze of Team H performance!!! It was incredibly awesome! At the beginning of TeamH act, the audience looked to take a rest. Some of the reasons are I suppose they were just tired of being high for a long time. It’s very possible for a long hours of joining a live. But I heard gradually the audience began to stand up and became very high, especially around NO HUMAN SMELL, and when he waved a big Korean flag! And I witnessed the moment!!! you’ll be surprised for joy to see how excited the audience became at the end!!! Team H proved their DJ-ing eventually!

Do you want to be a witness of the moment, too? Here you go ^^

Credits: Tubu rinko
The last part of Team H act!!!!

Team H performance at UMFKorea_20120804 (2)

Credits: baies0804
The first part of Team H act!!!!

Team H performance at UMFKorea_20120804 (1)

I want to share Big Brother’s very cool (honestly I love them!!!) songs which made the audience higher and higher!

Credits: 02proOFFICIAL

List of music Team H performed at UMF:
1. Feed Me – The Spell
2. Miles Dyson – Outro (Roy RosenfelD Remix)
3. Big Brother – No Human Smell
4. DJ Wildcut – Last Resort (DJs from Mars Human Radio Edit)
5. Basto – I Rave You
6. Big Brother – Where Are You

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  1. Kaori chan, thanks for posting the 2nd part which is missed out on UMF Live streaming over Youtube here for more eels ^_^

  2. Sukkie must have been so happy and proud when he waved his national flag to the audience!! It must have become his memorable moment. I’m sure the audience recognized Team H is a great DJ-ing team and began to support them, especially in Korea!!! Congratulations, Team H! Zikzin to SUMMER SONIC events in Japan!

  3. Tenshi, thanks , i cancelled the search for the fan account that i wrote in my last comment you won the recompense for give us the videos , the love of all eels around the world.

  4. Kaori chan, thank you for posting the UMFTeamH video clips here. I super love the part when Sukkie’s flying with Korean Flag. Feel so proud of him!!!

    At this event, Team H has proven that they can perform at the World Stage level. Though, their performance does need improvement, I’m still happy for fact they had been given a chance to show the World what TeamH is all about…and it’s a good learning experience for them. Since this is just the beginning of conquering the world, I am confident that TeamH will get better and better in the many years to come. It’s alright to take certain things in small step by step at first…then gradually bloommm!!!! Fighting TeamH!!! Zikzin to the World, Sukkie!!

  5. I suposed to be sleeping ,but i wached the videos first, awesome, looking korean males dance and acts like crayzy with Team H music , priceless, my fears all gone ,they oficially debuted with the big S {Successsss} . i want to see how this people look at him now. Thanks. Tenshi ,do you go to the Sonic festival?



  6. Thank you , Thank youi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this 2nd part it’s awsome, fantastic ,great , good job Team H ,I was sad because all nigth waiting for them and only 10 minutes;.

    JANG KEUN SUK our prince super happy double celebration , what a b-day party don’t you thing!!!!!.

    we love you

  7. TEAM H IS AWESOME!!!! Made in Korea! We are PROUD of you! The World has seen you performed. Great exposure! Millions now know who is JKS & Big Brother! Congratulations Team H!

  8. great performance! team H you rooock! Prince jks still look georgeous tired and sweating . The crowd loved the performance. It was electrifying. I just hope no more F word use in the future. PEACE!!!!

  9. WOW…just…WOW!!!!! Thanks for sharing the last minutes of Team H’s performance! I’m so proud of our guys!! Team H was insane!! Great job!!! I’m still pumped up over here!!

  10. Once again, TEAM H esp. Prince JKS proved those critics who doubted their capabilities as a DJ! kudos and congratulations for a job well done!

  11. though I was watching live on YT, but these last two days because I was busy, I did not really pay attention to the news covered the event, so now I’m starting to read anything related to Team H at UMF ago. Especially in order not to miss any news related to sukkie.
    I hope this event becomes a good start for the next performance. go go go zikzin TEAM H

  12. Great performance Team H! Thanks to Tenshi_Akuma for your great effort for sharing these vids to JKS& Big Brother’s fans.. A good start for them to pursue their performance on the world stage, I’m sure they will and proud of you JKS!

    • Thanks Kaori chan for the re-uploaded ^_^ I think UMF may be broadcasting on cable or TV later if the vid is blocked in Youtube.. however, both the YT live streaming for 10mins & UMF 2nd part (remaining 25mins) are already shown on Youku too


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