3 thoughts on “Haiker T-shirt”

  1. I super like your new banner, although the previous one is wonderful too, my most favourable is his smiling face. My sunshine too.

    Sometimes I am wondering whether I also create a blog for JKS, but since your one is already so good, why not I just support you, to assist this even better, even best in Singapore?

    But I bit shy so far I didn’t contribute anything yet.

    You are genius.

    • hi rongling,

      thanks for your compliment about the banner!
      actually, I don’t think it is up to standard.
      Although it’s partially because I’m a Photoshop amateur (beginner), my biggest regret is, I don’t have any design/drawing/artistic talent at all. So I’m still learning.

      The only fantastic thing about the banner is JKS – haha!
      He makes any banner beautiful, ha!

      And thanks for your support of this blog – it’s motivation for me to carry on.

      Like I mentioned to you, if anyone has any news / pics / video of JKS that I missed out (gasp! horrified! how did I miss it out?? LOL), please drop me a note! I’ll love to know more and share with everyone!


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