[ENG-SUB] Waratte-Iitomo_20120724

English_translation: tenshi_akuma

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11 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Waratte-Iitomo_20120724”

  1. OMG, he is so cute and funny. For those “failures” (which I think it was more embarrassing moments but he pulled off so good and we had great laugh with him. I was thinking the same way as him “who wants him tomorrow”, should be 100% on me. lol.

  2. thanks for sub sis Tenshi, I appreciate it..

    oo…sukkie is so funny, especially when said that he scolded his mama and he was very afraid of his mama, hahaha
    i love it

  3. Thanks Kaori for the translation!!! i love this short sweet TV show so much – we see the cute, funny, mischievous, candid, natural, quick-thinking him ^^

  4. OMG!!! He is sooo funny 😀 !!! He is like an open book and I love to read him, over & over again !!!!! Thank you Tenshi, you’re a gem !!!!!

    • Zizy sis.. I love your description of Sukkie as open book which we never feel tired reading over & over again… in fact, every time we read, he will leave a smile on our face and eels have learnt to read between the lines ^_^


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