11 thoughts on “[Video] Japanese TV report about Cri Show 2 in Yokohama”

  1. hi thank for sharing …
    i remember in this site you shared behind the scene of lotte duty free – so i’m loving you (jks & kim hyung jun) can you give me this video link ????

  2. i’m abig fan of jks a true eel i love and support every thing he does but i think he’s over done it this time i mean he look ugly not nearly beautiful i think he looks like a girl he shouldn’t have danced and wore this stupid clothes he is an amazing actor and has a great voice but i’d like to see him as a man and see him foucs on other series rules .

    • Hi Sophia,

      I believe you’re a fan and admire his acting, but I would hesitate to agree that you are a true eel.
      What is the definition of a true eel?

      You are of course entitled to your opinion that he should not have danced and “looks like a girl” and wore “stupid clothes”. JKS is involved in every aspect of his concert and career, and makes decisions about what to wear and whether to dance or not. Once he does something, it means he has considered it and decided to do it, so he’s entitled to his opinion just like you’re entitled to yours. We may not like his fashion sense, but we do not throw stones at him for daring to experiment with fashion.

      A fan admires his acting perhaps; in my opinion, a true eel would not say things like he’s wearing “stupid clothes”, do you not think that it would hurt his feelings? It may help to phrase it more tactfully like “this does not look good on him”.

      As for your comment that you “like to see him as a man”, well that’s your opinion; most of us have no issue in seeing him as a real man despite what he wears. We have discussed this topic of what makes a man a MAN, and it is not only about physical appearance. You can read up other eels’ opinions on it in this thread (refer to comments by Breenda, Esther and Eve)


      And have you seen this thread about the reasons why eels love JKS?
      Might be an interesting read if you haven’t


    • Sophia, I wanted to share with you and aphrael has said all I want to say ^_^
      just to add that the reason why eels love Sukkie so much is his charming personality through seeing him in person or watching his many interviews, variety shows and interviews of others working with him… and also his tweets & tweets with his friends & with his staffs…. I got to know Sukkie via many serious roles like first in drama Beethoven Virus which he portrays so well as a 2nd lead.. I don’t know him that time but me & my sister just find his acting so refreshing & good.. and then another serious role which he played in Hong Gil Dong.. so well done.. and YAB which he becomes the lead actor.. which his role is totally different but the acting is still so good with good voice as I can distinguish that immediately that he is the one which I would like to follow through.. I watched all his YT interviews and get to know his personality and know I understand why many eels love him as well and well many who worked with him have so much praises for him… Many real eel fans are used to his chameleon images and they would love to have him displaying his chameleon performance as much as he would like to share his ideas of musical performance to his eels and have a fun interactive time with eels… the whole concert is planned with much thoughts… the bond between Sukkie & eels could be felt in the concert itself.
      Here is a vid made by our eel sister which I love very much and would like to share with you.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVaG-1IENrM&feature=channel&list=UL


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