[Video] JKS appeared on Tokoro-san’s TV_20120713

Jang Keun Suk appeared on “Tokoro-san teaches something school doesn’t teach!”. What he said was almost the same as we already knew between him and Mr. Tokoro. I translated what he said to Mr. Tokoro briefly. See the text translation below.

Credits: SUKNationHK2nd

About 5 or 6 years ago Tokoro George, Japanese comedian and singer, invited JKS to his house and had dinner together. At that time (when he was around 20) JKS wasn’t so popular. Then JKS asked Mr. Tokoro, “How do you think I can debut in Japan?” And he answered, “Your face is Japanese favorite type. So keep working hard, and you’ll be successful.” His advise encouraged JKS a lot, and JKS really wanted to thank him. If JKS had a chance, he promised to go to the studio. At the end, JKS remembered Mr. Tokoro had a pretty daughter and asked him how good she was. Mr. Tokoro revealed that he first didn’t recognized JKS was that boy he met before because JKS is now very popular. Whenever JKS visits Japan, he gives a call to Mr. Tokoro. But JKS haven’t realized to meet Mr. Tokoro again in person yet… In this program, JKS had to request a menu. JKS asked them to cook something his eels love and suits for hot summer.

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  1. I find it quite touching..Jang keun suk actually remembered someone who gave him encouragements… :D:D:D:D Jang Keun Suk big bro you da best !!!!!! XDXDXD

  2. Kaori chan.. really appreciate the translation here as I can see how Sukkie made so many friends in Japan thru his sincerity and networking.. I’m glad to see many Japanese senior artistes in Japan’s entertainment line giving him support too ^_^


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