[ENG-SUB] Sanma-no-manma_20120707

UPDATE: added hard-subbed version
It’s rather difficult to translate the nuance of Japanese comedy. Sukkie has a perfect sense of humor even in Japanese! If I find a clearer and raw video source, I’ll replace it to the one.

Credits: WorldPrinceJKS4 (with Korean hard-sub)
영상:JKSgogo님(=unaginokai님) 감사합니다
번역&자막: 어름인형(DC장근석갤러리)
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Part1: soft-sub

Part2: soft-sub

Part1: hard-sub

[ENG-SUB] sanma-no-manma(1_2)_20120707 投稿者 sniffiv
Part2: hard-sub

[ENG-SUB] sanma-no-manma(2_2)_20120707 投稿者 sniffiv

33 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Sanma-no-manma_20120707”

  1. Thank you very much Tenshi Akuma for the English sub.
    This is really hilarious.
    It is more entertaining for those who already knew Sanma san and his variety show and his famous “words”. But the most important is Suk really knew how to keep up with him.

    I understand how difficult to translate this and to deliver the right meaning what they said and what they meant.

    I really enjoy watching this show. I keep laughing the whole show. I hope Suk will be invited more shows like this.

  2. Tenshi, thank you so much, i laugh like crazy with this program, Sukkie is so smart, cute and funny ,i like him more after this.

  3. Thank you so much Tenshi , you’re our angel ^^ . Prince so funny and handsome like always. Oh god… why I love him more and more <3 <3

  4. Thanks Tenshi for the translation. Sukkie is funny and handsome. His Japanese is so good and can interact with Sanma san. Love Sukkie more and more – not only his appearance, but his inner beauty, smart, talent, clever, passion, cute ….

  5. Thank you so much Kaori Chan for subbing. We all know you are busy with your life, but still you delicate you time doing all the subbing works so International can understand Sukkie. Very much appreciate!!! You are the BEST!!!

    I love this show, I laugh and laugh when I watched without English sub….now with sub..I am super ROFLLLL and happy girl. OMG….my heart flutters when he said he wants to get marry early if he can……awww who will be the lucky girl.

    sis Kaori chan, thank you for translating the meaning of the word “CHERRY BOY”. I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t tell. ROFLLL…. I felt down on my chair on this scene. Sukkie’s face is EPIC when he said “DO YOU THINK SO?” with those naughty eyes and hidden amusing smile of him. Oh my dear lord, can’t help myself but LOVE LOVE this dear cute and smart man.

  6. Tenshi, thank U so much for providing the eng subs.

    This program is soo hilariously funny n I can understand it better with your eng sub compared to the chinese sub I watched somewhere.

    Sukkie can collaborate with anyone to make a program so interesting… that shows his talent is not only in acting and singing alone.

  7. thanks a lot Tenshi ^^ i hope Sanma serious about San Taku with guest JKS in the end of this year, yattaaaaaaa *imagine Sanma+Kimura Takuya+jang Keun Suk in the same screen, same tv show*

    • You have to push CC button of YouTube. If CC button is red, it means activated. Plus, I posted how to watch subtitles in a better way on YouTube.

  8. I watched it in Japanese on YouTube yesterday even tho i laughed like crazy ! but yay now it’s subbed ill laugh MOOOOREEE !! 😀 … tHANKS so MuCH for subs :*

  9. Thanks for the subs Tenshi!!! my face hurts now from laughing! he is the cutest! i keep hearing the audience comment kawaii! very smart how he can quickly pick up the words especially the humor! very impressed!

  10. Thanks so much Koari Chan! Thanks for all your efforts & personal sacrifices in the work that goes into english subbing all those shows enabling us to understand the shows & letting us to understand & be closer to our beloved Prince !! Always appreciate your efforts so much !! ^-^

  11. thx for trans, Tenshi…
    I really like this show.. omo..our prince is so…cute, funny, handsome and smart..
    so funny when he said that his money held by his mother and sanma said his mother run with his money, hahaha..
    “soda ne” i think this word can be popular, too like “zikzin”..
    Love so much with his expression when he said “do you think so?”… wowowowoo…
    hope sukkie will attend in more VS, especially VS in Korea..

  12. Thank you so much Kaori Chan… Really appreciate all your effort subbing so much video recently… You’re like an angel for international eels… Sukkie must be proud having a very kind eel like you ^_____^

  13. Arigato gozaimasu! watched the Chinese sub before this but it wasn’t as nicely translated as yours. Hope that there will be a hard sub so that I can save it in my PC.haha..am I asking to much….? Isn’t it amazing how much homework he did before going on to these kinda variety show?

  14. Thanks for the translation work… it was well worth the wait.
    I thought it was adorable and as Kailey mentioned above, got a big kick out of the “CHERRY BOY” comment. His reaction was awesome. LOL
    I however felt sorry for Suni, seemed like their puppy got a bit frisky with her. LOL

  15. Omo!!!! This show is soo GOOD 🙂 …. ‘Cherry boy’ expressions just kills me too (Super duper like) 😉 ….. Thank you sooo much Tenshi !!!! You’re a gem 🙂 …

  16. Thank you so much Kaori Chan. Your subtitle work is much better than the Chinese one BaiduSukbar. I enjoy the show very much. Sukkie is very witty, intelligent and he had a very good sense of humor too. You can’t believe his mind can turn quickly and react to the host’s with witty replies!

  17. Keun Suk has the most amazing charisma and personality amongst all the stars invited to talk show/variety programmes I have ever seen! Even in foreign land and studios unfamiliar to him, he still deliver all the comedy perfectly timed and entertainment spontaneouly and instantly without delay. Its absolutely the best to invite Keun Suk to their programmes because he would always make it very colourful and riverting to watch.

    A star is such a sparkling, brilliant, wonderous STAR simply because of the PERSONALITY that is so glowing from within!

    • Staying Up Late, very true as many TV host said the same thing as I remembered when he appeared in China’s TV variety “I remember the Lyrics” (我爱记歌词)last year in Zhe Jiang, the lady host said she finds Sukkie amazing as he has the ability to feel comfortable on a stage that is not familiar to him….
      Like you, I have seen also many artistes on various TV variety shows, I have not seen any guest with such good & fast response and as entertaining as him.. whether he appears on the programs in Korea, Japan, China or Taiwan, I just love to have him as guest as he is super entertaining and for sure leaving a smile on my face ^_^

  18. Kaori chan… now I understand Makkori has a different meaning in Japan.. I can’t help laughing when both of us had Makkori together at the Korean restaurant a few months’ back in Japan ^_^


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