8 thoughts on “[Trailer] HEY! HEY! HEY!”

    • Hi uvisa, I’m subbing now. I hope I can complete tomorrow. But the video quality isn’t good. I hope after airing in Tokyo next Saturday, better video sources will be shared on YouTube. If so, I’ll replace it with better one. Anyway, please wait for a while 😉

      • Hi Kaori-chan, take your time, I know you are busy. But can I ask one small favour, when your vids are out, can you kindly mention on the vids if they are soft sub or hard sub. Thanks a lot!

      • Wen, when I subtitle, it’s soft sub. I found clearer video with hard Korean sub. I’m planning I use it with soft English sub, and later I think I’ll replace the video source. Then I can ask Ivy or Sarah to hard sub ^^

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