[21.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & friend twitter

Most Koreans don’t know that I am a DJ as Team H.. I’m a bit scared of UMF.. What if no one don’t respond our play… Besides, the following DJ after me is Tiesto.. Should I drink with him..?
내다 team-h라는 이름으로 디제잉하는거 한국사람들은 거의 모른다..근데 umf는 좀 무섭네..아무도 호응 안하면 어쩌지… 심지어 내 뒤에 티엣,토인데..티에스토랑 술 한잔 해야되나..
tenshi_akuma’s note: UMF KOREA is the world’s premiere electronic music festival held on August 3 and 4. Team H hasn’t been announced officially to perform there yet. Here’s their official website. Sukkie will DJ on August 4? On his birthday? Tiest is one of the greatest electronic DJ in the world now. Here is his official website.

I mistyped.. Tiesto… zikzin
가오빠지게 오타났넹..Tiesto…zikzin

Youngest aunt’s dining table… is quite different from my mother’s..
막내 이모의 밥상….엄마와은 참 다르군요..

It’s hot as blazes.. First dental.. Thanks for my teeth.. By the way, why my car doesn’t come out..?
날씨 와방덥네.. 퍼스트 치과..이빨 고마워요.. 근데 차는 왜 안나오는거냐규..

Album Producer: If there were 10 Jang Keun Suks, the earth might have been conquered..
JKS: It’s a burden to do so alone..
“@ashura1999: 장근석이 10명있담 지구는 정복당했을고야.. チャン·グンソクが10人いれば、地球は征服にあったかもしれない。。。 http://pic.twitter.com/1Lax5Co8”ㅡ짐 혼자서 하려니 빡셈..

Staff: You are not alone. kk
JKS : Do you comfort me?
“@codeinconnu: @AsiaPrince_JKS @ashura1999 넌 혼자가 아니얔ㅋㅋ”ㅡ위로냐

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  1. I just heard some exciting news today that Sukkie is going to perform in two major music festivals ~~ UMF Korea and Summer Sonic in Japan … hopefully the news is reliable.


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